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How to Remove the Data Security Risk from File Transfers

The ability to communicate and share information – both inside and outside the organization – is key to the success of any modern business. Many industries have a requirement to request or share information for compliance purposes and some of that data will be sensitive in nature. For example, HR teams receiving copies of passports, driver’s licenses and bank details for new employees, healthcare...

Improving Control of Regulated ITAR Information

Business Problem As an important USA export control law, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) affects the manufacture, sale and distribution of technology in the defense sector. The goal of the legislation is to control access to specific types of technology and their associated data. Overall, the US Government is attempting to prevent the disclosure or transfer of sensitive...

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Whether information is flowing inbound or outbound, Fortra's Clearswift solutions protect and ensure compliance of data across email, web, and the cloud. Let’s discuss the solutions right for your organization. Your specific demo will include: Discussion of your cybersecurity requirements Detailed product demo Opportunity for questions Fill out the form to get started. Want to skip the form and...

Trustmanager Query Form

To assess sender reputation, you can utilize TRUSTmanager, which cross-references connecting SMTP hosts with a continually updated database of reputations provided by Clearswift. The TRUSTmanager assigns one of four reputations based on the hosts' previous spam-related activities: Good Suspicious Neutral Bad Fill out the form to learn more.

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Thank you for your interest in Fortra's Clearswift. Our trusted solutions can provide you with consistent protection across email, web, cloud, file transfers and endpoints, allowing your teams to collaborate effectively and securely, while providing control and visibility over important sensitive data. For custom pricing, please complete the form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss...

Mitigating Information Security Risks in Microsoft 365

In this guide, we examine the cybersecurity functionality built into Microsoft 365 and where it falls short when considering the strength of security postures required to meet the increasing level of risk we face today.

PCI Compliance Best Practices

While the database issues and solutions are well known, the real challenge is around unstructured data, where credit card information finds its way into email and documents, these are then transferred around and outside the organization creating unnecessary risk.

Controlling Classified Information

This guide demonstrates how Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway and Secure ICAP Gateway work together with classification tools, from vendors such as Janusnet or Titus, to provide a combined information classification and data loss prevention solution that’s both easy to use and secure.

Email Encryption Best Practices

Email continues to be the lifeblood of organizations today. With changes to legislation and the increased attention on data breaches now is the time to revisit your email solution and policies to improve the security of the information that flows through it – both inbound and outbound.

The GDPR Divide: Board views vs Middle Management

Clearswift recently surveyed 600 business decision makers and 1,200 employees, across the UK, US, Germany and Australia, and found that board level respondents are more confident about having the necessary processes in place to be GDPR compliant than senior management are.

Customer Support Handbook

Clearswift is dedicated to optimising the success of our customers and to attaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the delivery of professional, efficient and high quality support across the Clearswift product portfolio.

Support Services Guide: Our Team Has You Covered

You can expect a swift response from the Clearswift Support Team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use globally recognized best practices to deliver support that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Cyber Etiquette Ebook

Our ‘Cyber Etiquette: A Guide to Today’s Top Cyber Threats’ is an educational piece designed to help readers better understand the cyber threats that organizations across the globe are facing as we collaborate online for business.

WannaCry Survey Infographic

Attitudes have changed in the wake of WannaCry. This infographic features survey results from a Clearswift commissioned survey.

Protecting Your Organization From Advanced Threats

Today’s cyber-attacks appear relentless, growing in frequency, intensity and proliferating throughout all industries. There is no ‘normal’ and the impact of each attack is felt throughout the business through the organization’s supply chain to its customers, partners and beyond.

Preparing for a Cyber-Breach

This guide will help organizations prepare for a cyber-breach and provides an outline plan to help cope with the situation. A plan will prevent panic – the last thing needed while undergoing a security incident.