Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)

✓ Unbeatable inspection & redaction
✓ Fewer false positives
✓ Less disruption

Adaptive DLP: Data Loss Prevention, Redefined

Breaches from malicious attacks, accidental document leaks, and new privacy regulations are demanding organizations have complete visibility of their sensitive data, understand its context and ensure the appropriate level of security is applied at all times – while in use, at rest or in motion. Yesterday’s complexities, costs and false positives associated with traditional DLP technologies are no longer acceptable. Adaptive DLP has changed the game.

Data Loss Prevention Redefined

Adaptive DLP Game Changers

Adaptive DLP security

Adaptive Security

Redact, block, encrypt, delete or move. Based on content and context.

Automated data Redaction

Automated Redaction and Sanitization

Unique detection and removal of sensitive and hidden data. 

No data loss prevention false positives

Reduced False Positives

Crippling disruptions and management costs of traditional DLP are eliminated.


Why Use Adaptive DLP?

In short, it provides a disruption-free and true content-aware approach to protecting the unauthorized loss of sensitive data. While traditional solutions can ‘stop and block’ questionable data transfers, A-DLP automatically applies the optimal security treatment based on data's content, context and required regulation policy. This includes real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting.

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Fewer False Positives. No More Headaches

Adaptive DLP offers the unique ability to remove only the sensitive information and malicious content passing in and out of the network without the need for human intervention, delays, and quarantines. Crippling false positives that historically overwhelmed IT organizations are eliminated.

Data Loss Prevention diagram
Endpoint dlp page

Data Visibility

Discover sensitive data hidden throughout your business, while monitoring information before it leaves through email, web /social, Managed File Transfer (MFT) and cloud apps. Let’s not forget removable storage devices and often overlooked web application leaks and phishing attempts to harvest login credentials.

Unparalleled Deep Content Inspection

Recursive decomposition and true file analysis detects confidential data by completely dissembling digital content to its lowest level and constituent’s parts. Unparalleled in the industry, Clearswift’s deep content inspection is not limited by zip/encryption, file size, analysis timing delays or multiple embedded document layers.

Deep content inspection
Adaptive Redaction datasheet

Prevent Document Leaks and Information Harvesting

Prevents the leaking of documents and metadata with a network-wide redaction and sanitization layer. Common with legal reviews and compliance procedures. 

Adaptive DLP for Cloud

Protect your cloud storage applications as well as Office 365. Block, encrypt or uniquely redact only the confidential information that breaks policy, while continuing without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Our solution completely integrates with your existing security and governance policies. If you are looking for an alternative to on-premise security, Clearswift offers a straightforward, secure and cost-effective hosted solution to protect your organization’s email; allowing you to have complete control over your dedicated system whilst reducing your on-site footprint.

Office 365 data loss prevention document

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention Solutions

  • ARgon icon

    Adaptive DLP for Existing Email

    ARgon for Email

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  • CIP icon

    Adaptive DLP for Endpoint

    CIP Management Server and Agent

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  • SIG icon

    Adaptive DLP for Web Apps and MFT

    SECURE ICAP Gateway

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  • SWG icon

    Adaptive DLP for Cloud, Web and Social Media

    SECURE Web Gateway

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  • IG icon

    Information Governance

    Clearswift Information Governance Server

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  • SEG icon

    Adaptive DLP for Email

    SECURE Email Gateway

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  • SXG icon

    Adaptive DLP for Internal Email

    SECURE Exchange Gateway

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Affordable for Any Size Organization. No Rip and Replace

A-DLP is very competitive in comparison to the high setup costs and extensive service fees associated with traditional DLP - overall costs are often 2 to 3 times less.

The cost of managing false positives, distributed reviews and releases, and the need to purchase multiple security tools (anti-malware, document redaction, compliance) are significantly reduced with A-DLP. Additionally, Adaptive DLP can be easily implemented in phases or added on to your existing security gateways.