Attacks Stopped


Today’s advanced malware is evading detection at alarming rates. No longer can anti-virus and sandbox analysis stay ahead of sophisticated social engineering used to deliver zero-hour threats, weaponized documents and encrypting ransomware payloads. Clearswift offers an unprecedented layer of inspection to detect and sanitize embedded malware threats in real-time, without delay.

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Guide: How to Protect Your Organization from Advanced Threats


Solution Features

100% Removal
No delay

Deep Content Inspection

Recursive decomposition and true file analysis detects malicious code by completely dissembling digital content to its lowest level and constituent’s parts. Common evasion techniques such as time delays, virtual awareness, encryption, or multiple embedded document layers are no match for our unevasive inspection.

Advanced Threat Protection Inspection Projector

Without Delay and Disruption

Real-time inspection and automated removal of only the malicious code allows email and web / cloud activity to continue unhindered - without delayed analysis, quarantine and false positives.

Protect Against Tomorrow's Threats

Morph-free protection against today’s leading malware and ransomware (i.e. Locky, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker, Dridex, Dyre, BlackEnergy, etc.) and tomorrow’s even more sophisticated attacks. Signature-less detection helps prevent future variants from evading sanitization.

Prevent Phishing Attacks and Information Harvesting

Prevent Phishing


Stop phishing expeditions used for entry and the delivery of malware. Continuous monitoring and sanitization stop the harvesting of sensitive information from web applications, social media and document metadata (author, login, department, system names, etc.) used for an attack.

Preparing for a Cyber-Breach


Forewarned is forearmed. Today there are solutions which can help prevent the mistakes and alert people to potential issues. However, there is also a need for a plan when it does go wrong. While many organizations have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan for physical disasters, there is now a need for a plan for cyber. This whitepaper will help you prepare for a cyber-breach and provides an outline plan to help cope with the situation.

Easy Add-On. No Rip and Replace.

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Proving to be the most effective and inexpensive malware protection. Vendor neutral add-on to your existing security infrastructure or Clearswift gateways to sanitize email, web, social media, managed file transfer (MFT), web applications, cloud collaboration tools and more.