Email Security Solutions

Protect your organization from advanced email threats like phishing attacks, BEC, and insider threats. 

What Is Email Security?


Email security solutions comprise all the technology and policies that are designed to protect email content and communications against cyber attacks.

Email remains the central form of communication for most organizations. This strong dependency on email is why it is important to have robust email security services. Email security should protect an email inbox from everyday hackers, malware, and phishing. It should protect a brand from imposters posing as trusted colleagues, vendors, and partners intent on defrauding the brand. Last but not certainly least, it should protect an organization’s data for obvious reasons including compliance.

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Securing Email Communications


As enterprise email security threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, your employees’ inboxes also become more vulnerable. According to Gartner, email is the most commonly used channel for cyberattacks, as well as a significant point of egress for sensitive content. And with the average cost of a data breach now at nearly $4.5 million (that's up 15% over the last 3 years!)1, securing your email communications with the right solution has never been more important.

You need robust protection from a wide range of email-based threats – malware, ransomware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), spam, and data loss. You also need to balance security with the need to continuously collaborate. Any delays to email communications can be costly and frustrating.

Clearswift’s Email Security Solutions offer a unique and effective layer of real-time, signature-less inspection to detect and sanitize evasive threats, delivering highly secure email without delays. Whether deployed on-premise on in the cloud, working alone, or alongside cloud-based email applications, such as Microsoft 365, Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway keeps your organization’s email well protected.



Email Security Best Practices

Determine what data needs protection

Compliance regulations dictate that sensitive data such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII), payment card details, or patient medical data is safeguarded from unauthorized disclosure. A solution that can detect and remove unauthorized sensitive data from incoming and outgoing emails, and automatically encrypt any authorized data, will protect employees and the organization if sensitive data is incorrectly sent or received.

6 Steps to Email Security

To help IT Teams define a robust email security policy and determine what’s required from an email security solution, we’ve put together a simple six-step guide to email security best practices.


Benefits of Email Security


Email Security Solutions from Clearswift

Clearswift offers a range of email security options and packages to suit individual requirements. Its on-premise Secure Email Gateway protects all incoming and outgoing email communications, while its Secure Exchange Gateway scans only internal email traffic.

With security packages ranging from Essential through to Advanced, and encryption features available as an additional option, Clearswift also provides Hosted and Managed Email Services.

What’s Different About Clearswift’s Email Security Solutions?

Along with a strong set of hygiene features to protect against cyber-attacks and manage annoying spam, the Clearswift solutions offer organizations an unprecedented level of flexibility and granularity in policy deployment and control. The three main differentiators are:

Unparalleled Content Filtering and Inspection
True Zero-Hour Anti-Malware Protection
Automatic Sensitive Data Removal

Protect Against Advanced Email Threats


Superior anti-malware protection is provided through Avira or Sophos anti-virus software engines that update signatures every fifteen minutes. Heuristics and behavioural analysis enhance detection capability even if no signature is present, preventing any known or unknown malware from entering or leaving the network.

For maximum defense against embedded Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), these technologies are supplemented with the real-time sanitization of any active content within email messages or attachments, including the detection and removal of scripts, macros, and objects from common Microsoft 365 files and PDFs. Protection against attachment-based advanced threats continues to be recommended in the Gartner Market Guide for Email Security.

Ransomware is often released by unsuspecting employees who click on a malicious URL within a phishing email. To neutralize this threat, the Secure Email Gateway appliance uses a real-time URL look-up tool to rewrite or sanitize confirmed or suspicious URLs.

Defend Against Advanced Threats

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Prevent Spam From Reaching Employees' Inboxes


Clearswift’s multi-layered spam defenses leverage IP reputations, greylisting, signatures, message authentication, real-time block lists, and machine learning engines to provide more than 99.9% spam detection rates. These layers drastically reduce the amount of time employees spend managing their inboxes. Anti-spoof functionality is aided with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and an Outlook Spam Reporter makes spam easy to monitor, register and eliminate.


Anti-Spam Solution

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Data Loss Prevention Through Email

The threat of data loss through email is a major compliance concern for organizations. Recent statistics show that 74% of all data breaches are the result of human error2, while 60% involved internal actors3. This is where Secure Email Gateway appliances can help protect against accidental or malicious data leaks by automatically inspecting outgoing email messages and attachments for any sensitive data.

Clearswift’s Email Security solutions use powerful lexical analysis and regular expression rules to search for key words and phrases and when found, the sensitive data can be automatically removed or managed by a system administrator or line manager. To mitigate the risk of data loss through images and scanned documents, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows the solution to redact sensitive data from images and scanned documents. It also inspects incoming emails and attachments to ensure the threat of any unwanted data acquisition is removed.

As part of the content inspection process, the on-premise Clearswift Secure Email Gateway recognizes data classification labels and ensures the correct security treatment is applied, this includes checking the recipients are authorized to receive the data and encrypting it before it sends.

For additional protection from data being harvested and used in phishing attacks, hidden document metadata (author, usernames, server names, etc.), comments and revision history is automatically removed from documents as they are sent and received. To prevent internal actors from exfiltrating data using steganography, images are also sanitized.

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Email Encryption

Encrypting data in transit is a mandatory requirement for organizations who need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and SOX. Encrypting emails provides an additional layer of enterprise security and protects the data from would-be attackers or in scenarios where an employee accidentally sends confidential information to the wrong person.  

With TLS as standard, and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP, and password-protected files, or web portal-based encryption, the on-premise Clearswift Secure Email Gateway allows sensitive data to be delivered securely, in seconds, using the optimal format for the recipient. 

Email Encryption Options

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Email Archiving

Legislation requires organizations to retain important documents and communications, including email, so that they can be accessed if required for legal or compliance purposes. To alleviate storage concerns, many organizations implement an on-premise or cloud-based email archiving solution, where emails are stored securely and instantly retrievable should a compliance request be made.  

Clearswift, in partnership with Cryoserver, offers a comprehensive email archiving solution with incredible performance and functionality. It protects emails in a secure, tamper-proof environment and offers continuous access to mailboxes even if Exchange servers are temporarily unavailable.  

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Email Archiving Solution

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Email Security Toolkit


Learn more about Clearswift Email Security solutions with the Email Security Toolkit. Designed with resources for the information and methods needed to get the most out of your email security solutions. 

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Best Email Security for Microsoft 365


Organizations looking for maximum security as they migrate their email to the cloud, deploy the Clearswift solution alongside applications such as Microsoft 365. The Clearswift Secure Email Gateway appliance provides a more comprehensive layer of protection against cyber threats and data loss. It offers refined DLP policy controls, additional features such as OCR, anti-steganography, and added protection against APTs.

To find out more about how Clearswift's on-premise Secure Email Gateway and how Fortra's other complementary Email Security solutions can strengthen the basic security controls within Microsoft 365, read our guide.


Cloud-Based Email Security


More organizations are moving to email providers, such as Microsoft 365, for cloud-based email. Cloud-based email allows more file storage, easier file sharing, and the ability to protect files by backing up data. Convenience should not overlook email security, which is why the need for cloud-based email security solutions only increases. These cloud-based email security solutions protect against email threats such as phishing and malware in a flexible environment to give a more comprehensive protection.

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