Cloud Security

Business-Strength Security for Cloud Email, including Office 365 and Hosting. Protect your Critical Information in the Cloud.

Email Secured. Ready for the Cloud

Wrap an unprecedented layer of email security and sanitization around Office 365 to prevent targeted phishing attacks, embedded malware and the loss of confidential data that evades detection from Microsoft's basic security controls. Businesses can migrate their email with confidence knowing their security is strong enough for the cloud.

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Unprecedented Email Security and Sanitization

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Phishing attacks stopped

99.9% spam detection and 0% false positives.

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Zero-hour protection without delay

Signature-less malware sanitization detects morphed variants (competitive solutions are evaded and take up to 30 mins).

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Adaptive DLP and Compliance

Real time detection, redaction and intelligent data security enforcement.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Unparalleled recursive decomposition completely dissembles Office 365 emails into its constituents parts, ensuring complete detection and removal of malicious code without delaying email delivery and false positives.

Email Attachment Sanitization

Ensure all emailed attachments that leave your organization are completely redacted and sanitized. Automated removal of hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.), comments and revision history prevents the leak of sensitive data and information harvesting used for targeted phishing attacks.

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Adaptive Data Loss Prevention for Cloud

Block, encrypt or uniquely redact only the confidential information that breaks policy, while allowing the rest of Office 365 emails to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, etc.)

Securing Cloud Solutions

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    Office 365 Complete Email Security

    SECURE Email Gateway

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    Office 365 Malware Protection

    ARgon for Email

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    Office 365 and OneDrive Document Security

    Clearswift Information Security

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  • IGS icon

    Cloud Information Governance

    Clearswift Governance Server

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  • Regulation icon

    Adaptive DLP for Cloud

    Clearswift Governance and Compliance

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    Cloud for Web

    SECURE Web Gateway

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    Cloud for Existing Web Proxies

    SECURE ICAP Gateway

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Easy to deploy, No rip and Replace

Choose the deployment option that best meets your security needs; on premise as an appliance, or as a virtual machine, or in the cloud - either through a standard service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft’s Azure, or through other cloud service providers. Embrace the cloud without sacrificing security and compliance. Completely integrates with your existing security and governance policies.