Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Secure Data and Devices with Clearswift.

Clearswift Endpoint DLP

Clearswift’s Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is designed to address the loss of critical information at the endpoint. The solution offers three key components that can be deployed together or individually.  The first is the ability to gain visibility and control of what removable devices e.g. a personal device or USB stick can connect to a company network.  The second is the ability to regulate what company data (or files) can be copied to removable media, and encrypt it if necessary to ensure the data can't be access should the device be lost or stolen. The third is ‘data at rest’ scanning capability which locates where critical information is stored across a network – on devices, on-premise file servers or cloud-based storage - and move it (if required) to a more secure location.  Reduce the challenges of today’s IT environment and improve working practices to protect critical information with Clearswift Endpoint DLP. 

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Endpoint Information Protection


Regulatory Compliance

Ensure consistent polices across all egress points with out-of-the-box policies to comply with regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI).

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Discover Critical Information at Risk

Automatically move, encrypt or delete critical data wherever it is stored on desktops, notebooks, servers, network and cloud shares.

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Complete Control

Control all device connections to the endpoint, protect against insecure or unauthorized file copying. 

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Automated Data Discovery and Security of Data-at-Rest (DAR)

Detect and secure critical information based on content or regulation, including cloud and file server storage. Mitigate unsecured critical information risk based on policy, including moving the files to a more secure location within a network, leaving breadcrumbs behind for users to be made aware of where critical information has been moved to. Built-in and customizable lexical expressions enable the discovery of a variety of critical information types including PII, PCI and other sensitive data.

Context Aware Data-in-Use (DIU) Policies

Flexible policies and context-aware content inspection mean that you no longer have to choose between the productive use of removal media and unacceptable risk. A policy which is too restrictive means that people either cannot work effectively, or they will find way to bypass company security policy. Rules can be created that can, for example, block all spreadsheets containing particular keyword terms from being copied to external devices, or automatically encrypt files when transferred, meaning the contents cannot be read if a device was to be left behind on a train, taxi or other public place.

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Granular Device Control

The Clearswift Endpoint DLP Agent also provides a fine level of granular control over removable media devices, including USB sticks, CDs, DVDs and variety of other modern device types. Granularity can restrict use to specific device manufacturers or to individual devices to ensure only authorized devices are used.

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Security that Doesn't End

Unprecedented layer of real-time monitoring, inspection and sanitization bolts onto an organization existing security infrastructure to extend beyond its perimeter and provide the agile defense upgrade needed to future-proof protection from unknown threats.