Managed File Transfer

Move files securely between trading partners, internal servers, and the cloud with Fortra's MFT solutions.


Easily protect, centralize, and automate your file transfers

Today, more than ever, organizations need to be proactive in protecting sensitive data both while in transit and at rest. Fortra’ Secure File Transfer solutions can help you manage your file transfers automatically and securely. Our Secure MFT threat protection solutions, GoAnywhere MFT and Globalscape EFT,  provide a safe, user-friendly, audited method to automatically transfer information within and outside of your enterprise. 

With a robust file transfer solution from Fortra in place, you’ll save time and money, improve data security, simplify ad-hoc and server-to-server file transfers, and help your organization meet compliance requirements. Plus, you can easily integrate with the external cloud and web applications you use every day. You can streamline file transfers and related business processes without needing programming or special skills. 

Fortra's MFT solutions can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud on platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS or via MFTaaS, or within hybrid environments. And our secure MFT solutions run easily on platforms like Linux, Windows, AIX, the IBM i, and more. 

Key Benefits of Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Automation Ease

File transfer automation helps reduce the risk of human error during the routine, repetitive tasks around sending files manually. Eliminating the often high-touch tasks associated with transferring large or batch files through multi-step workflows and built-in scheduling can save time, money, and frustration. Monitored folders, automated email alerts, automated secure forms, and processing for triggered events help streamline transfers, freeing staff up for higher-priority responsibilities.

Integrating Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway with MFT


The Secure ICAP Gateway (SIG) adds significant data security assurances and value to MFT through its threat protection, deep content inspection engine, adaptive data redaction, and flexible policy settings, while MFT makes defining, managing, and securing files at rest and in motion easier. 

One common use case: 

  1. MFT securely transfers attachments between employees or trading partners 
  2. The ICAP only intercepts content when threat protection and data loss prevention requirements exist 
  3. ICAP runs rule set (keyword search, executable renaming, script removal, etc.) 
  4. If the content can be sanitized, the transmission is allowed and continues 
  5. If the content cannot be sanitized, the transmission is blocked 

Additional features you can add to your file transfer process are structural sanitization, document sanitization, data redaction, anti-steganography, and optical character recognition. Adding the security features within ICAP helps you get the best and most thorough security for file transfers. 

MFT + ICAP: A Secure File Transfer Combination


Sharing critical information inside and outside your organization requires an unprecedented level of management control and security. These two solutions seamlessly integrate to deliver threat protection and data loss prevention (DLP) alongside MFT. 

This security pairing ensures data reduction and sanitization are automated so that information shared via MFT is only accessed by authorized parties and safe from malicious threats. 

By layering two robust data security solutions, organizations can safely share information, which is protected based on content, context and required regulation policy. Malicious or information not deemed safe to share, even hidden metadata, is automatically redacted or sanitized, but the rest of the communication can continue, to keep business rolling without the usual stop-and-block of less sophisticated solutions. 

Here’s how the pairing of MFT with ICAP works for one customer.

The Combined Benefits of MFT and SIG


MFT Product Specifications

Fortra offers two industry-leading MFT solutions: GoAnywhere MFT  and Globalscape EFT with extensive security and automation features for smooth, secure file transfer.

Expanded Automation

  • Multi-step workflows automate more than 60 tasks
  • Built-in schedule to run workflows 
  • Monitored folders  
  • Automated email alerts or processing for triggered events 
  • Commands and APIs to launch transfers from remote systems and applications 

Combine Clearswift and MFT for Ultimate Security in File Transfers

These two solutions work together to improve your cybersecurity stance. Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security.