Making Information Safe for Critical National Infrastructure

Tailoring content threat prevention solutions for Government, Defense, and CNI organizations.

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI): Digital Transformation


With technology evolving at such rapid pace and digital transformation high on the agenda within CNI sectors such as defense, finance, manufacturing and emergency services, there is an ever-increasing reliance on technologies to allow organizations to operate effectively. However, this new digital way of operating has seen a rise in cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure that is impacting national security and raising awareness among Governments worldwide. 

Information-Borne Threats and Risks to CNI

Sophisticated cyber attacks on CNI organizations can result in cyber criminals gaining access to networks where they can take control of operational systems or exfiltrate critical data that could ultimately threaten national security. Furthermore, the threat of malicious or inadvertent data leaks from within means that sensitive information could end up in the wrong hands.

Information borne Threats and Risks to CNI

Clearswift's advanced content threat protection solutions offer the highest level of defense against cyber-attacks and data breaches through today's digital communication channels.

Making Information Safe for Critical National Infrastructure

Making Information Safe for Critical National Infrastructure

Over 70% of Clearswift clients operate within critical national infrastructure (CNI), including Defense organizations, Government agencies, manufacturing plants, emergency services and national financial institutions, all of which demand the most advanced cyber threat prevention and information security solutions. Working closely with these clients over two decades has enabled Clearswift to gain a clear understanding of the cyber challenges they face, keep abreast of their evolving threatscape, and support compliance with the complex regulatory environment within which they operate.

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Cross Domain Security Solutions for Defense

This solution brief describes how defense organisations and those working in its supply chain, can use Clearswift’s solutions to enable highly secure intelligence information sharing. Clearswift offers several solutions to address the many different cross-domain requirements, with its deep content inspection (DCI) engine at the heart of each one. Discover the key features and benefits the Clearswift cross domain solutions offer.

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