On-Demand Webinar

Spam Mechanisms in the Secure Email Gateway

This first webinar in a series of five spanning Best Practices for using Clearswift's Secure Gateways covered the more than 15 configurable spam mechanisms in the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) appliance with a choice of local or global policy. Listen as Dr. Steve Jeffery, Lead Solutions Engineer at Fortra, discusses the spam rules, where they get evaluated, URL detection, and...

How Banks are Adapting to Digital Disruption and Data Privacy Regulations

Digital disruption, changing consumer demographics and preferences on how they engage with their banks, along with burgeoning regulatory requirements are having far-reaching repercussions on banking. And banking executives are feeling the pressure! Digital Disruption Banks that resist digital transformation will be punished by their customers, experiencing a marked erosion in...

How Fortra's Clearswift Secure Email Gateway Aligns to NCSC's Email Security Guidelines

Working in cybersecurity is one of the most challenging roles in the organisation. Not only are you tasked with keeping the business and its data safe and secure, but you must do so in the face of ever-increasing professionalism and sophistication on the part of cybercriminals. There are more threats than ever before, and the consequences of a data breach are more significant...

March Madness Challenge for Cybersecurity Professionals

Let the "madness" begin! The NCAA Basketball tournament is different for everyone. Some experience madness after a gut-wrenching triple overtime victory by their alma mater, while others after a buzzer-beater shot from half-court by a 16th-ranked Cinderella underdog that instantly knocks out one of your final four selections. However, to me there is nothing more maddening, in...

Clearswift Anti-Spam

Inside the Clearswift Secure Email Gateway appliance, there is a multi-layer Anti-Spam solution designed to deliver 99% detection with minimal false positives. Image The anti-spam feature detects messages as being spam, phishing attempts, or newsletters, and allows system administrators to configure policies to either block, sanitize...

What is a DMARC Policy?: The 3 Types, Which to Implement & Other Requirements

In this post, we’ll briefly explain what a DMARC policy is, how to set up your DMARC email record, what the three types of DMARC policies are and when to implement each one, and how to diagnose and fix any issues associated with it. Basically, your DMARC policy tells email receivers what to do with illegitimate or possibly fraudulent emails—whether to reject, quarantine, or...

Protecting Your Organization From Advanced Threats

Today’s cyber attacks appear relentless, growing in frequency and intensity, and proliferating throughout all industries. There is no ‘normal’ and the impact of each attack is felt throughout organizations--from supply chain to customers, partners, and beyond. ...

Protecting Information Across the Defence Supply Chain

Clearswift supports organisations to comply with the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership cyber risk control requirements that seek to protect UK military capability throughout the MOD supply chain. Business Problem In the face of cyberattacks being recognised as a Tier 1 threat within the National Security Strategy, the UK seeks to secure a truly competitive, sustainable,...

Are You Ready for PCI DSS 4.0?

PCI DSS 4.0 is here. If your organization handles PII data, you will need to be compliant with the new updates. We take a look at the new version and what it takes to stay compliant.

Are Broad Email Security Policies Slowing You Down?

Creating policies for your organization's email security can be complex, time consuming, and even stressful. There are nearly a thousand exceptions that make a case for why policy development and deployment cannot be a standard one-size-fits-all practice. Learn how Fortra's Clearswift can keep your organization safe without slowing you down.

Cyber Defense Magazine: New PhishLabs Research Details .ZIP Abuse

Fortra’s PhishLabs has identified two separate incidents of new Google top-level domain (TLD) .zip used in phishing attacks. The attacks, detailed in the September issue of Cyber Defense Magazine, use .zip to impersonate a social media conglomerate and global technology company. Look-alike domains using common file extensions are increasingly used to enhance the perceived...

Attacks on Credit Unions Exceed All Other Industries in Q2

ccording to Forta’s Phishlabs, credit unions became the top targeted industry on the dark web in Q2, surpassing banking institutions for the first time since we began reporting on this data in 2021. Financial institutions as a whole experienced the vast majority of abuse, with compromised credit card data leading all threat types on the dark web. Every quarter, Fortra’s...

Microsoft's Defender for Identity – Is it Enough?

In early 2023, Microsoft launched Defender for Identity which aims to offer visibility by helping to identify threats and provide actionable reports on attacks. But M365 security is not completely adequate for the modern enterprise and must be augmented by other data security solutions.