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Next-generation Email Security products from Fortra's Clearswift

Clearswift's products help organizations stay safe from threats that slip past legacy security controls and prevent against data loss.

From the Secure Email Gateway appliance to our Secure Exchange Gateway, Clearswift's products are offered on-prem or in hybrid environments to complement Fortra's Advanced Email Security suite of cloud-based solutions.

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Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Clearswift's SEG incorporates the latest in inbound threat protection (Avira and Sophos AV), a multi-layer spam defense mechanism, multiple encryption options, and advanced security features including DMARC/DKIM. The product has integrated DLP features such deep content inspection control on size and types of attachments, Adaptive Redaction, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Anti-Steganography features. The Clearswift SEG can be deployed on-premises, as a Hosted solution, to protect cloud-based email, or as a Managed Service

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Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG)

The Clearswift SXG ensures that internal email correspondence on your Exchange 2013, 2016, or Microsoft 365 deployments match the confidentiality and compliance policies of your organization. Messages that contain certain violations can be quarantined for manual inspection, or the offending content can be removed using Adaptive Redaction. With critical information protection starting within the organization, malicious and or accidental data leakage is further mitigated. The SXG can be integrated with an existing email gateway and web gateway.

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Unprecedented Email Protection

Adaptive Security
Automated Redaction and Sanitization
Anti-Spam and Phishing
Mitigating Information Security Risks in Microsoft 365

Mitigating Information Security Risks in Microsoft 365

Wrap an unprecedented layer of email security and sanitization around M365 to prevent targeted phishing attacks, embedded malware and the loss of confidential data that evades detection from Microsoft's basic security controls. Businesses can migrate their email with confidence knowing their security is strong enough for the cloud.

Product Features

Secure Archiving

Available in Clearswift's core Email Security product suite, Clearswift and Cryoserver offer a superior email archiving solution which captures emails in real time, the instant they are sent or received, and freezes them in a tamper-evident environment. Emails are fully indexed, encrypted, and compressed into the archive. Due to the emails being indexed in real time, the embedded search engine can carry out lightning fast searches.

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Email Security Toolkit


Learn more about Clearswift Email Security solutions with the Email Security Toolkit. Designed with resources for the information and methods needed to get the most out of your email security solutions. 


Easy to Use. Flexible Deployments.

Recognized for its inuitive policy capabilities and distributed management reviews, Clearswift Email Security solutions offer the deployment option that best meets your security needs - cloud, virtual or gateway appliance. Clearswift’s unevasive detection and sanitization can also provide the enterprise protection that business require for cloud email and webmail.