Data Loss Prevention

Detect, inspect and secure critical data through industry-leading Data Loss Prevention solutions across email, web, and the cloud.

Our Award-Winning Security Software

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Email Security

Clearswift offers a unique and effective layer of real-time signature-less inspection to detect and sanitize evasive threats, delivering highly secure email without delay, whether it's working on its own or alongside other deployments such as Office 365.

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Data Loss Prevention

Automatically apply the optimal security treatment based on data's content, context and required regulation policy, including real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting and protecting against sensitive data leakage in image-based files.

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Cloud Security

Wrap an unprecedented layer of email security and sanitization around Office 365 to prevent targeted phishing attacks, embedded malware, and the loss of sensitive and confidential data that could evade Microsoft's basic security controls.

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Web Security

Protect against malicious websites, phishing and drive-by downloads that evade detection with a deep level of web inspection that scans content with a choice of three anti-virus engines. Add an unprecedented layer of content threat protection and data loss prevention to secure existing web proxy infrastructures and managed file transfers.

Why Choose Clearswift?


Our responsibility is to safeguard the critical information that is shared into and out of the organization. Clearswift enables us to do this without impacting on the effectiveness of our essential daily operations.


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