Secure Email Gateway

Protect, secure and comply with a robust email solution from the original email security experts

Clearswift Secure Email Gateway (SEG) provides uniquely powerful protection of an organization's email data against inbound cyber-attacks and outbound data loss prevention.

As the number one method of communication for most organizations, email has become one of the top sources for cybercriminals to infiltrate your systems and take hold of your critical data. Our Secure Email Gateway protects against known and unknown malware but also advanced threats including phishing.

IT teams need to ensure that information being shared across email both in and out of the organization is not only secure, but appropriate and compliant. Clearswift’s unparalleled level of inspection and granular policy controls apply the optimal security treatment to your emails in real time so your communications remain safe and flowing, and business disruptions are minimized.

Bolster your email security defenses with Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway as a standalone solution or to enhance your existing cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and G Suite.

Key Benefits of Secure Email Gateway

Complete visibility of data being shared

Our deep content inspection engine fully disassembles the communication flow in real time, providing a complete understanding of the critical information being shared both in and out of your organization. This solution is not limited by file size, zip/encryption, images, or multiple embedded document layers and provides high detection rates, which keeps data secure and keeps business operating.

Secure Email Gateway Datasheet


As one of the most robust email security solutions on the market, Clearswift SEG transforms email from a high-risk communication channel to one tailored exactly to your organization’s needs.

Read about advanced inbound threat protection, best-of-breed spam detection, redaction and sanitization, Anti-Steganography, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), multiple encryption options, reporting functionality, flexible deployment options and a myriad of other advanced features.

See how email collaboration environment can be effectively protected from every-day spam, data leaks, ransomware and sophisticated phishing attacks.

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Compliance Readiness

To help ensure you maintain compliance, included with Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway are ready-to-use policies for regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX. Organizations that must adhere to PCI or PII standards can utilize the custom dictionary and any of the 200+ pre-configured tokens to simplify policy definition and enforcement.

Why choose Clearswift Secure Email Gateway?

Complete and Granular Control
100% Critical Data Visibility
Minimize Business Disruptions

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