Microsoft's Defender for Identity – Is it Enough?

In early 2023, Microsoft launched Defender for Identity which aims to offer visibility by helping to identify threats and provide actionable reports on attacks. But M365 security is not completely adequate for the modern enterprise and must be augmented by other data security solutions.

99% of User-Related Threats Are Email Impersonation Attempts

Threats in corporate inboxes hit new highs with a quarter of all reported emails classified as malicious or untrustworthy. 99% of these threats were email impersonation threats, such as BEC and credential theft lures, that lack attachments or URLs delivering malware payloads. Cybercriminals continue to bypass traditional email security tools and reach end users by impersonating individuals...
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Is Microsoft Email Security Enough?

As Microsoft’s security capabilities continue to evolve, many organizations are questioning how much they should rely on Microsoft for their email security needs. This video includes email security experts from Fortra discussing enterprise email security requirements and how Microsoft fits into an organization’s email security strategy and stack. Learn: • How to evaluate Microsoft’s role in your...

How to Protect Against Advanced Email Threats

Unfortunately, the bad news about data breaches, cybersecurity scams, and email attacks is constant and the numbers are more staggering with each year. Learn which steps to take now to protect your organization’s email ecosystem, such as collecting threat intelligence, mitigating against brand impersonation, and training your employees on security awareness, all while maintaining compliance.

September Was Insider Threat Awareness Month

Insider threats may not get as much attention as the outsider threats. Outsider threats are overwhelmingly malicious in intent. Organizations must protect their data with a strong barrier, because the “bad guys” are on the outside. However, inside the walls of an organization can be a disgruntled employee wanting to cause harm or an employee incentivized from outside the organization. Then of...

Top Mistakes You Could be Making in Email Security

Gain the insights that you may not have been aware of, so that you can better protect your organization from everyday errors that cause big consequences.

Photo Security: Why a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Files

Communication through photos and short videos have now become commonplace with applications like Instagram and TikTok. While this popular use of imagery feels safe, many may not realize that photos can also be used to inconspicuously share data or carry out a ransomware cyberattack. Explore the threats of steganography and why ignoring it can be a significant email security mistake.

One Big Threat Protection Problem, One Simple Email Security Solution

Microsoft 365 remains a popular tool worldwide, and It also remains a popular target for cyberattacks. Utilizing the email security solutions from Microsoft may seem the most convenient option, but the reality is, it comes with big gaps and workarounds for cybercriminal activity. Learn how Clearswift's Secure Email Gateway can work alongside Microsoft 365 to create an email security powerhouse.

Building on Your Clearswift Investment for Unrivalled Data Security

The Clearswift Secure Email Gateway is a powerhouse of email security that protects against inbound email cyberattacks and outbound data loss prevention. But did you know your Clearswift investment can do more? Cyberattacks are ever-changing, and what works today may not fully protect tomorrow. Your Clearswift investment, alongside your other technology investments such as Microsoft 365 (a common...

Using Clearswift Secure Email Gateway to Enhance Data Security in Microsoft 365

For many organizations, Microsoft 365 is the ideal collaboration tool, providing a convenient platform for employees to share information and communicate daily. Microsoft offers different tiered packages to suit a variety of customer requirements. Its Microsoft 365 E5 package provides platforms for mid- and larger-sized enterprises, with the lower-tiered packages (e.g., E1 and E3) offering fewer...

How to Enhance Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

Office 365 is a powerful collaboration tool, but can organizations be sure it provides the level of DLP capabilities required in today’s ever-morphing threat environment? Discover the benefits of pairing Clearswift with your Office 365 deployment.

Public Sector Cybersecurity Priorities in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed working patterns for good. What are the implications for public sector organizations and what can they do to improve their cybersecurity posture?