How Fortra's Clearswift Secure Email Gateway Aligns to NCSC's Email Security Guidelines

Working in cybersecurity is one of the most challenging roles in the organisation. Not only are you tasked with keeping the business and its data safe and secure, but you must do so in the face of ever-increasing professionalism and sophistication on the part of cybercriminals. There are more threats than ever before, and the consequences of a data breach are more significant too. In recent Fortra...

Protecting Your Organization From Advanced Threats

Today’s cyber attacks appear relentless, growing in frequency and intensity, and proliferating throughout all industries. There is no ‘normal’ and the impact of each attack is felt throughout organizations--from supply chain to customers, partners, and beyond.

Heads up! New Canadian Data Privacy Act is Around the Corner

The time to prepare to meet soon-to-be-enacted Canadian data privacy regulations is now. Around the world, the awareness of the need to protect the privacy rights of individuals, including the access, transparency, and security of personal information has never been higher.

Today’s Email Encryption Options. Which One is Right For You?

Email encryption is the process of encrypting or disguising the content of email messages, protecting sensitive information from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient. With the continual evolution and enforcement of data protection laws, email encryption is more necessary than ever before to protect sensitive data from being exposed unauthorized and to mitigate the risk of data...

Moving on From Encryption – The Case for eDRM

Enterprise digital rights management (eDRM or Information Rights Management, IRM) has had a rocky start to life. While it’s been around for the last 20 years and is seen as the next step on from encryption, it just hasn’t made it into mainstream use.