Clearswift and Secure File Transfer

Find out how the Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway, with its Deep Content Inspection engine, Adaptive Data Loss Prevention technology and Advanced Threat Protection, combine with Fortra' Secure File Transfer solutions to provide versatile secure collaboration.

Safely Share Information while keeping your Critical Information Protected

Advanced Threat Protection and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention for Secure File Transfers

Online sharing of information between customers and trading partners has accelerated collaboration and transformed the digital fabric of today’s businesses. However, with the need to share information comes the risk of exposing the wrong content. Files that contain confidential information, either visible within the body of the file or hidden within its metadata, can be mistakenly shared to unauthorized recipients. Equally, the receipt of files from suppliers or partners might open a door to embedded malware; external threats hidden within standard file transfers.

Clearswift and Fortra joined technology forces to enable the sharing of information with an unprecedented level of management and security, ensuring that the information transferred is only accessed by authorized parties and is sanitized of malicious threats.

One Collaboration Platform for Secure Information Sharing

Organizations can gain full control of what information is being shared internally, and in and out of the company network. Managed data flows can be easily defined to exchange information through a portal, transfer files through secure FTP or even move files in network shares. By integrating a deep layer of inspection and sanitization through the ICAP protocol, additional information controls can be put in place to enforce adaptive security and compliance policies for all files being transferred. As file sharing traffic passes through this enhanced level of management and security, it overcomes the primary challenge that consumer oriented cloud collaboration tools suffer from.

As all traffic passes through this enhanced level of management and security it overcomes the primary challenge that consumer oriented cloud collaboration tools suffer from.


Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway

The Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway is the market leading solution for enhancing your infrastructure. It enables the balance needed to secure and protect critical information with the need to continuously collaborate. Organizations are given the ability to apply deep content inspection, Adaptive Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Threat protection technologies to align the flow of information to the organization’s information governance policies, mitigating risk and underpinning compliance requirements.

Deep Content Inspection

Clearswift’s deep content inspection goes beyond any level of what is traditionally offered in the market. It is not limited by zip/encryption, file size, analysis timing delays, virtual environment evasion techniques or multiple embedded document layers. As a result, it offers amongst the highest detection rates and lowest impact (i.e. nearly eliminates false positives).

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) is the non-disruptive removal or transformation of data according to policy (rules), to ensure that information shared complies with corporate security policies before it is sent to or received by the recipient (person, application or system). Intelligent policy enforcement is applied to only the information that breaks policy and compliance regulations, while allowing the rest of the business activity to continue without disruptive false positives. Adaptive DLP also sanitizes Secure File Transfer (SFT) documents by stripping out hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.) and personal information that can be harvested and used for targeted phishing attacks.

Traditional data loss prevention solutions offer a basic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response to attempts to share information, as they lack the architectural design to disassemble, inspect, amend and re-assemble the content ‘in its original format’. Adaptive Data Loss Prevention removes this barrier completely by modifying (redacting, blocking or encrypting) the information in real-time according to policies, so as to ensure only the acceptable level of information is shared and received, and that critical information remains safe at all times.


Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and automatically strip out active content in the form of embedded malware triggered executables, scripts or macros used to extract or hold sensitive data hostage, while potentially creating havoc within critical business systems. Clearswift’s Advanced Threat Protection sanitizes without delay in delivery, as only the malicious active content is removed, allowing the file transfer to continue unhindered. This morph-free protection against today’s leading malware and ransomware (i.e. CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, TorrentLocker, Dridex, Dyre, BlackEnergy, etc.) and tomorrow’s even more sophisticated variants.

Secure File Transfer

GoAnywhere MFT and Globalscape EFT are managed file transfer solutions which streamline the exchange of data between your systems, employees, customers and trading partners. They provide a single point of control with extensive security settings, detailed audit trails, and reports.

GoAnywhere and Globalscape's intuitive interfaces and comprehensive workflow features will help to eliminate the need for custom programs/scripts, single-function tools and manual processes that were traditionally needed. These innovative solutions will reduce costs, improve the quality of your file transfers, and help your organization comply with data security policies and regulations.

Business Benefits


Secure collaboration

The SFT Threat Protection Bundle adds a secure layer over the file transfer process. By applying threat protection, deep content inspection, and data loss prevention, you can securely collaborate without fear of malware infecting the organization, or other data loss.

Protection against cyber threats

Cyber criminals are continuously trying to find the easiest way to attack organizations, and using less-protected partners is becoming a common route for attack. Clearswift and Fortra offer a combined solution that will stop those threats while allowing business information exchange to continue.

Get complete information control back

Data privacy regulations such as the GDPR require organizations to take full control of what information is being shared and with whom. SFT Threat Protection provides a means to identify users accessing or sharing information and apply the appropriate policy. By automating the detection and cleansing of information subject to regulations, organizations can deal with the increasingly high amount of information exchanged, keeping information under control, and allowing business communications to continue.

Clearswift and Fortra

Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security. Together, Clearswift and Fortra introduce the world’s first integrated Advanced Threat Protection and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution for SFT. It’s unique automated data redaction and sanitization layer ensures that information shared is only accessed by authorized parties and safe from malicious threats.

A Seamless Duo

See how Clearswift and Fortra's Secure File Transfer solutions provide versatile secure collaboration.