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Critical Information Protection (CIP) Management Server and Agent

Running in the background, utilizing advanced throttling techniques, the Clearswift CIP agent silently discovers critical information on networks, devices and systems without interrupting end user activity. Data Protection Managers are provided with unprecedented insight into potential data protection risks that exist within their organization.  Centralized information management policies can be applied on the endpoint to enable users to collaborate safely and securely. Fully integrated with the Clearswift SECURE Exchange, Web and Email Gateways, the Clearswift CIP solution also supports additional security features including device control, deep content inspection, remediation actions, encryption and comprehensive auditing.  

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Endpoint Information Protection


Regulatory Compliance

Ensure consistent polices across all egress points with out-of-the-box policies to comply with regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA and PCI).

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Discover Critical Information at Risk

Automatically move, encrypt or delete critical data wherever it is stored on desktops, notebooks, servers, network and cloud shares.

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Complete Control

Control all device connections to the endpoint, protect against insecure or unauthorized file copying. 

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Unparalleled Endpoint Inspection

Utilizing the Clearswift Deep Content Inspection Engine, The Critical Information Protection Agent discovers critical information wherever it is stored on desktops, notebooks, servers, network and cloud shares. The transfer of critical information can be logged, blocked or encrypted and the solution provides automated policy-based remediation. Granular organizational policy provides the necessary flexibility to permit multiple behaviors, depending on the user and destination of file operations.

Automated Discovery and Protection

Detect and secure critical information based on content or regulation, including cloud and file server storage. Mitigate the risk based on policy, including moving the files to more secure storage.

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Device connections

Granular Device Control

The Critical Information Protection Agent also provides a fine level of granular control over removable media devices, including USB sticks, CDs and DVDs. Granularity can restrict use to specific device manufacturers or to individual devices to ensure only authorized devices are used.

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Security that Doesn't End

Uprecedented layer of real-time monitoring, inspection and sanitization bolts onto an organization existing security infrastructure to extend beyond its perimeter and provide the agile defense upgrade needed to future-proof protection from unknown threats.