Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Complete protection for critical information at endpoints

Clearswift Endpoint DLP

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention: Overview

As a vital piece of your IT security strategy, Clearswift Endpoint Data Loss Protection (DLP) solution allows organizations to detect, inspect and secure critical data on endpoints.

In one solution, it provides context-aware Data in Use (DIU) policies to control which devices can connect to a corporate network and what information can be transferred. It also executes scheduled Data at Rest (DAR) scans on file systems to audit and manage critical data residing on the network or in the cloud.

A lightweight agent, Clearswift Endpoint DLP works behind the scenes to enforce your security and compliance policies and provides continuity even when users are not connected to the network.

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Key Benefits of Clearswift Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Flexible and context-aware DIU policies allow organizations to apply rules that either prevent documents containing critical data from being copied to removable media, shared on the network or uploaded to the cloud, or automatically encrypt them before they are transferred. Alternatively, adaptive redaction features can dynamically remove critical data from documents to keep your organization compliant.

Access control functionality allows organizations to control the removable media devices connected to the network. With Active Directory integration, appropriate read/write permissions can be applied at company, group, or an individual level.

To prevent accidental data loss, users trying to copy, share or upload documents containing critical data receive notifications alerting them to the risk. System admins maintain full visibility, monitoring legitimate actions or managing policy violations. System Information and Event Management (SIEM) system support allows organizations to integrate information into existing dashboards.

Audit and manage critical DAR, including data in the Cloud and on file server storage. Built-in and customizable lexical expressions easily enable the discovery of critical data such as PII or PCI. When critical data is found it can be quarantined or moved to a secure location.

With out-of-the-box policies for regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, Clearswift Endpoint DLP solution is optimized for data privacy and compliance. Built in lexical expressions for PII and PCI make it easy for organizations to ensure consistency across all egress points.

Prevent uploads to Cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive without the need for additional proxy servers. Synchronization folders can be monitored to ensure no critical data is stored outside the organization. Critical data is either redacted or blocked, minimizing the threat of shadow IT.

Why choose Clearswift for Endpoint protection?

100% Protection

100% Critical Data Visibilty

Complete visibility
and management of critical data residing on the network.


Flexible Policy

Block, encrypt or remove
critical data to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.


Scalable Coverage

Comprehensive coverage for thousands of endpoints all managed through one easy-to-use interface.

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