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Introduction to Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection Platform

Introduction to Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection Platform
Advanced email threats continue to be a stark reality for enterprises. Even with Secure Email Gateways in place, deceptive attacks like BEC, targeted social engineering ploys, and spear phishing attempts can still get into user inboxes. But what if you could get complete advanced threat protection from a single, scalable, integrated cloud email security (ICES) solution? This webinar introduces...
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Are You Ready for PCI DSS 4.0?

PCI DSS 4.0 is here. If your organization handles PII data, you will need to be compliant with the new updates. We take a look at the new version and what it takes to stay compliant.

Are Broad Email Security Policies Slowing You Down?

Creating policies for your organization's email security can be complex, time consuming, and even stressful. There are nearly a thousand exceptions that make a case for why policy development and deployment cannot be a standard one-size-fits-all practice. Learn how Fortra's Clearswift can keep your organization safe without slowing you down.

Cyber Defense Magazine: New PhishLabs Research Details .ZIP Abuse

Fortra’s PhishLabs has identified two separate incidents of new Google top-level domain (TLD) .zip used in phishing attacks. The attacks, detailed in the September issue of Cyber Defense Magazine, use .zip to impersonate a social media conglomerate and global technology company. Look-alike domains using common file extensions are increasingly used to enhance the perceived legitimacy of cyber...

Attacks on Credit Unions Exceed All Other Industries in Q2

ccording to Forta’s Phishlabs, credit unions became the top targeted industry on the dark web in Q2, surpassing banking institutions for the first time since we began reporting on this data in 2021. Financial institutions as a whole experienced the vast majority of abuse, with compromised credit card data leading all threat types on the dark web. Every quarter, Fortra’s PhishLabs analyzes hundreds...

Microsoft's Defender for Identity – Is it Enough?

In early 2023, Microsoft launched Defender for Identity which aims to offer visibility by helping to identify threats and provide actionable reports on attacks. But M365 security is not completely adequate for the modern enterprise and must be augmented by other data security solutions.

QBot Operations Peak Pre-Takedown, O365 Attacks Increase in Q2

Cybercriminals doubled down on popular threat types and preferred malicious software in Q2, with O365 phish and QBot malware dominating inboxes by significant margins. QBot operations eclipsed all other malware once again, reaching their highest volume of share just before a multinational takedown Tuesday removed malicious code from more than 700,000 computers. Similarly, but lacking in disruption...

The Top Three Domain Protection Best Practices

Impersonating an organization’s domain can be a lucrative business for cybercriminals. Fortra’s 2023 Domain Impersonation Report found that the average brand is targeted by 40 look-alike domains per month. The two common types of domain impersonation are look-alike domains and email spoofing.

Original Research from Fortra Reveals Pervasiveness, Types of Look-Alike Domains Targeting Brands

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime, look-alike domains remain a constant component in the vast majority of threats. Look-alike domains or, URLs that resemble those of a legitimate brand, can cause significant damage to brand reputation by way of fraudulent websites, phishing schemes, malware distribution, and more. Original research conducted by Fortra’s PhishLabs analyzes how look-alike...

The Use of Natural Language Processing for Identifying and Mitigating Threats

As technology advances, the battle between cyber criminals and organizations intensifies. Cyber threats have become more sophisticated, complex, and widespread, posing a significant risk to the security and integrity of sensitive data. In Q1 2023 alone, the number of global cyber attacks increased by 7% , with an average of 1,248 attacks reported per week. In a separate report by The Independent...

Phishing Sites Impersonating Social Media Jump in Q2

In Q2, phishing attacks targeting social media platforms increased more than 23%, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. This is the greatest volume of attacks on social media in two years and puts the industry ahead of historically top targeted financial institutions. Every quarter, Fortra’s PhishLabs examines hundreds of thousands of phishing attacks targeting enterprises and their brands. In this...

Q2 Payload Report

QBot dominated as the top payload in Q2 with more than 95% of reported volume, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. This is the third consecutive quarter QBot has led all other malware varieties by a significant majority. QBot was also consistently reported as a top payload in 2022, falling second only to Emotet and Redline Stealer before its current streak. Email payloads remain the primary delivery...

Better Security Awareness, Stronger Data Protection

Fortra’s Terranova Security is setting a new standard for cybersecurity awareness solutions that change unsafe online behaviors, strengthen data protection, and deliver a proven eLearning framework to CISOs and security leaders.

Common Social Media Scams and How to Avoid Them

While there are an estimated 30,000 daily cyber attacks on business websites, there are roughly ten times as many attacks against social media accounts every single day, equating to roughly 1.4 billion accounts every month. Social media attacks and scams have become pervasive problems, with threat actors finding innovative new ways to deceive users and steal their information. While social media...

The Royal & BlackCat Ransomware: What you Need to Know

The US healthcare sector continues to be aggressively targeted by ransomware operators. Royal and BlackCat are two of the more recent – and highly sophisticated – ransomware threats. These two new flavors of ransomware pose serious potential impacts on the healthcare sector, but there are appropriate mitigation and defense strategies that organizations can take to protect against them. What is...

Understanding how Polymorphic and Metamorphic malware evades detection to infect systems

Polymorphic and metamorphic malware constantly changes itself in order to avoid detection and persistently remain on the system. This adaptive behavior is the main distinctive attribute of these types of malware, which is also why they are harder to detect; it is also why they pose a great threat to systems. On the surface, the functionality of this sort of changing and mutating malware appears...

Clearswift Endpoint DLP

Business Problem With over 3 billion records lost through data breaches in 2017 and new data protections law being enforced across the globe, organizations need to understand where their critical information resides and ensure it can’t be leaked through removable devices. We live in a data centric world. Businesses provide employees access to data in order for them to do their job; to collaborate...

Clearswift and Cryoserver: Secure Email Archive

With email still being the primary business collaboration tool, organizations need to ensure that the content and information they send and receive is kept secure. Together, Clearswift and Cryoserver help to safeguard your organization’s critical information found within email thereby protecting the intellectual property and brand reputation of your organization while ensuring compliance, legal...