Improving DLP and Encryption Controls to Maximize Email Security in Microsoft 365


Many organizations benefit from the security features present in Office 365, but industries that need to comply with strict regulatory controls may require enhanced functionality when it comes to protecting and sharing its critical data.

In this webinar, Scott Messick, Clearswift and Chris Peel, Echoworx look at how to supplement data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption controls to maximize email security in Office 365.

Integrating Clearswift Secure Email Gateway or ARgon product with the Echoworx OneWorld Encryption Portal enables organizations using Office 365 to:

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance
  • Follow industry best practice for data loss protection
  • Create a very secure communication channel with third parties
  • Ensure only authorized parties receive sensitive data
  • Intelligently automate the encryption process

Watch the webinar to find out more about how the solution works.

Protecting your organization's critical information

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