Email Security Best Practices: What to Look for


As it continues to be a primary corresponding channel for most organizations, email remains a central target for cyber attacks. According to the 2020 Verizon DBIR Report, 96% of social engineering attacks used email first.

Persistent threats like phishing, spam, and data loss loom around email inboxes daily. That’s why a strong Email Security solution isn’t just nice to have, it’s paramount to the protection of your organization. Not all security solutions are the same, which can make things confusing and overwhelm IT teams. In this webinar, Nick Hogg, Director of Technical Training at Fortra, will breakdown what is needed for strong email security and the best practices for maintaining it.

A few of the topics include:

  • Determine what data needs to be protected
  • Understand the dangers that need prevention
  • Establishing a robust and sustainable email security policy

This session will arm you with the right tools to make the best email security decisions that protect your organization from internal and external threats, as well as protecting your data and your brand.

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