Building on Your Clearswift Investment for Unrivalled Data Security


The Clearswift Secure Email Gateway is a powerhouse of email security that protects against inbound email cyberattacks and outbound data loss prevention. But did you know your Clearswift investment can do more?

Cyberattacks are ever-changing, and what works today may not fully protect tomorrow. Your Clearswift investment, alongside your other technology investments such as Microsoft 365 (a common one for many of our partners), needs to protect your data from all angles.

As part of Fortra Data Security, you can take advantage of features that bolster your data protection including:

• Protection from phishing and business email compromise
• Aid in access control and data encryption
• Assistance in policy enforcement
• Capability to handle complex, multi-layered classification requirements

Nick Hogg, Director of Technical Training at Fortra, demonstrates how and why expanding on your Clearswift investment is the obvious choice.