Combined Web Solution Extends Security Benefits to Joint Customers

Clearswift Joins F5 Technology Alliance Program to Deliver Critical Information Protection for Web Applications

Posted on October 27, 2015

Theale, UK and Mount Laurel, N.J. – October 27, 2015 - Clearswift, a global cyber security innovator and data loss prevention specialist, today announced that it has joined F5 Networks’ Technology Alliance Program (TAP). The proposition allows the integration of Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology via the Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway (SIG) with the F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (LTM). The combination of these innovative solutions maximizes the value proposition offered to joint Clearswift and F5 customers.

Together Clearswift and F5 bring the benefit of deep content inspection within documents, web pages and application information requests, redacting sensitive information as data flows through or in and out of an organization’s network. This fully automated solution is achieved without impacting the high performance and optimized application delivery expected on these mission critical systems.

“Clearswift is focused on providing full adaptive data loss prevention protection across web applications for businesses across many different sectors,” said Kevin Bailey, Vice President, Market Strategy at Clearswift. “Our customers trust us to provide a service that provides comprehensive protection of their critical information, giving them the freedom to securely collaborate across the internet as an essential contributor to driving business growth. Aligning our technology with F5 solutions will help us deliver a secure and optimized user experience for web applications and servers. It also affords us the opportunity and resources to enhance our value proposition for joint customers.”

This partnership allows Clearswift and F5 provide a highly scalable secure application platform, taking full advantage of Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction technology. Additionally, the combined offering enables the user to proactively detect and mitigate information loss risks, alerting organizations to potential internal or external data breaches; immediately.

“Today, companies are at more risk for data loss than ever before. With the rise of cloud collaboration tools, social media and BYOD, it is critical that organizations deploy comprehensive data loss prevention products,” said Dave Levin, Senior Director, Partner Strategy at Red River. “As a reseller of both solutions, we are thrilled to see this partnership come together between F5 and Clearswift because it allows us to deliver a joint solution that will provide the highest level of benefits to our customers.”

“We must look for products that consolidate individual security controls into fewer devices, focusing on technologies that prevent attacks and don't just respond to them. Enterprise organizations should be more concerned of the consequences of cyberattacks than they are of the remote possibility that these proactive controls will block legitimate traffic,” comments John Kindervag Vice president, Security & Risk Research, Forrester in the TechRadar™ for Zero Trust Network Threat Mitigation Technology report. “Too often, security is an afterthought of network design, and yesterday's hierarchical networks are ineffective against today's advanced cyber threats. We must strip away yesterday's network so that security is no longer merely an overlay but is built into the DNA of the network itself.

“F5 is pleased that Clearswift has joined our Technology Alliance Program,” said Ron Carovano, Manager, Business Development at F5. “We’re selective in who we join hands with and only partner with companies that we believe provide a strategic benefit to our customers, as well as our business. Through dynamic partnerships with technology leaders in adjacent markets, F5 helps users extend the value of their application delivery environments, and joint customers can be confident of secure interoperability and optimised performance when deploying Clearswift and F5 solutions together.”

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