Clearswift Launches Secure ICAP Gateway with Adaptive Redaction

Clearswift partners with Blue Coat to protect critical information

Posted on January 24, 2014

Clearswift, an innovator in cyber security solutions, today launches the Secure ICAP Gateway (SIG). Secure ICAP Gateway is the industry’s only gateway that exploits the Clearswift Adaptive Redaction technology utilizing the ICAP protocol. The ICAP protocol automatically identifies and removes sensitive data, without the requirement for human intervention, alongside standard content filtering and Data Loss Prevention features.

Clearswift has also partnered with Blue Coat Systems, a market leader in Business Assurance Technology, to fully integrate the Secure ICAP Gateway with the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances to provide a robust, unified information security solution. As a Business Assurance Technology partner, Clearswift is working with Blue Coat to bring together the best technologies in the industry and build a superior security ecosystem that empowers business.

Blue Coat Proxy SG appliances act as a secure web gateway and provide threat protection and policy enforcement with granular controls. Via secure ICAP connections, Blue Coat ProxySG appliances provide integrated support for technologies such as Anti-Virus, Data Loss Prevention, and Identity & Access Management, allowing enterprises to build a layered defense. Connecting the Secure ICAP Gateway to the ProxySG appliances provides an innovative gateway approach that protects inbound and outbound communications from web threats and data leaks.

Heath Davies, Chief Executive at Clearswift comments, “It is Clearswift’s focus to protect the critical information of our customers. Partnering with Blue Coat ensures that the new Secure ICAP Gateway’s innovative and unique Adaptive Redaction capabilities can work in concert with anti-malware and Data Loss Prevention to provide our mutual customers with an integrated gateway solution offering. We are excited to be able to offer the Secure ICAP Gateway solution to businesses around the world.”

“Blue Coat is committed to delivering the advanced web security technologies that enable customers to protect their users and data wherever they are, on any network,” said Peter Doggart, Head of Business Development, Blue Coat Systems. “Ensuring we deliver the best security solutions means integrating with innovative vendors like Clearswift to help our customers address new security requirements.”

The focus of protecting the user within the scope of their role and mitigate unauthorized access to critical information is at the forefront of the Secure ICAP Gateway. The collaboration with Blue Coat is manifested via various benefits:

  • User Policies: User identities are authenticated by the Blue Coat ProxySG appliances and passed to the Secure ICAP gateway so that granular user policies can be applied to the bi-directional communication of content flowing across the network of the organization. 
  • Granular Controls: Using the Clearswift Adaptive Redaction functionality, the Gateway goes beyond simply keeping networks free of viruses or inappropriate or harmful content to enable complete, granular control over information accessed, enabled, posted or shared online, such as recreational browsing, or preventing sensitive data from leaking into status updates. 
  • Protection: Protecting employees and against ‘The Enemy Within’ is a major consideration when adopting Adaptive Redaction. The Secure ICAP Gateway will pro-actively protect and cognitively educate the misinformed employee when they unintentionally share information, whilst identifying malicious and continual abusers of critical information disclosure.

The Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway enables organizations to reap all the benefits that collaborative Web 2.0 technologies have to offer, safe in the knowledge that sensitive data, IP and brand reputation are protected.

Carla Arend, Program Director European Datacenter Software, IDC says "The effective protection and management of information is a core task of the IT security department. IDC believes that the key to successful implementation and operation of critical information protection solutions like DLP is to use automated solutions that scale without manual intervention, produce the lowest possible number of false positives and do not inhibit user productivity. If a product cannot fulfil these criteria, it will inevitably end as shelf-ware. Clearswift's Secure ICAP Gateway with its adaptive redaction features is well aligned to address the challenging needs of the IT security department."

The Secure ICAP Gateway provides advanced content filtering and data loss prevention features such as Structural and Document Sanitization. It can support integration with the Clearswift IG Server to provide full and partial document fingerprinting.

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