Clearswift Launches Secure Exchange Gateway with Adaptive Redaction

Protecting Critical Information and Supporting Internal Compliance within Microsoft Exchange

Posted on January 12, 2014

Clearswift, an innovator in cyber security, is today launching the latest addition to its award-winning Secure Web Gateway and Secure Email Gateway solutions – Secure Exchange Gateway. The Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG) is designed to enable businesses to strategically manage and protect their critical information within an internal Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. Alongside, Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction technology will also dramatically mitigate external breaches since SXG safeguards against inappropriate or critical information being incorrectly distributed internally and therefore removing the potential to leave an organization.

For businesses today, information is a critical asset and ensuring that it is protected and managed appropriately within the boundaries of an organization is paramount. According to The Radicati Group, Microsoft Exchange is the global collaboration tool of choice and will grow its vendor share from 53% to 68% in 2016, offering organizations more control and increased business efficiency. Clearswift’s Secure Exchange Gateway enables critical information protection and compliance by detecting inappropriate content sharing, imbedded malware, malicious executable file types and identifies violations in conversations or documents using Adaptive Redaction technology, which automatically recognizes and removes sensitive data as it passes within a company’s Microsoft exchange network.

Dr. Guy Bunker at Clearswift comments: "The Secure Exchange Gateway provides organizations with the ability to maintain and enforce their information governance policies. It enables the entire organization to work smarter, sharing IT responsibility and enabling secure collaboration. It is designed to empower businesses with increased efficiency and to arm them against the most common data breaches within business today. With SXG, we have worked towards making it easier to secure data within the Exchange environment, both from an internal as well as a traditional inbound and outbound perspective, ensuring that that the business critical information remains safe."

  • Deep Content Inspection of messages and their attachments coupled with Clearswift’s advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system ensures that inappropriate content or critical sensitive information can be detected using keyword search (which utilizes standard and easily customized dictionaries; this allows for words, phrases or tokens, for example credit card, bank details and personally identifiable information) as well as regular expressions to be used to detect content that violates policy. 
  • Clearswift’s innovative Adaptive Redaction technology can be used to consistently detect and prevent sensitive data leaking in or out of an organization via emails or attachments. Removing only those specific pieces of information which violate policy, rather than the whole message or attachment - without the requirement for human intervention. Adaptive Redaction is supported on multiple formats, including text, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), PDF and HTML files.
  • The Secure Exchange Gateway ensures compliance by allowing businesses to build policies to ensure appropriate critical information flow between organizational units. It can be applied to both visible and hidden content in the messages and attachments. A built in workflow engine allows the entire message to be rejected or quarantined or allowed to continue with specific information being automatically redacted.

These advanced functions lead to improved operational efficiency and better IT governance and practice.
Organizations have to ensure that sensitive information is not leaked out inappropriately so that it falls into the wrong hands or could cause an organization to be in contravention of the mandates that it faces in terms of protecting sensitive information. With an increase of information breaches being associated with the ‘Insider’ threat, it is becoming ever more necessary that all emails are checked as they travel around an organization so that sensitive information that should be protected can be controlled, prior to external communications.

Fran Howarth, Senior Security Analyst, Bloor-Research comments: “The use of email has vastly improved productivity for employees and expanded the ability to exchange important business communications and documents. Many such communications are used to exchange sensitive information, such as financial records or personally identifiable information. The integration of Clearswift’s Adaptive Redaction capabilities with the Microsoft Exchange platform in a new product, Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway (SXG), provides such capabilities for one of the most popular email programs in use by organizations to ensure that sensitive information is protected when it is emailed either internally within the organization or to external parties, better enabling organizations to meet their security and compliance objectives”.

One of the other key features of SECURE Exchange Gateway is Monitor Mode; enabling organizations to test their DLP and Information Governance policies without impacting the message flow. Copies of messages are processed by the platform and the results used to identify if and where there are issues with content or if the policies needs adjusting. Designed as a scalable off-box solution it reduces the load on the Exchange servers and can be deployed using dedicated hardware or virtual machines. To assist with ease of management and reporting, full integration with Microsoft Active Directory is used to allow system administrators of different privileges to perform granular system tasks such as message management, reporting and system monitoring.

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