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Launches world first Content Aware Data Loss Prevention Solution with Adaptive Redaction technology.

Posted on February 6, 2014

Theale, UK 2nd June 2014: Clearswift, an innovator in adaptive cyber security solutions, today launches the latest addition to its award-winning portfolio - Clearswift Critical Information Protection (CIP) Management Server and Agent, an integral part of the comprehensive Clearswift Content Aware Data Loss Prevention (CA-DLP) suite.

Today’s launch comes as a result of Clearswift’s acquisition of Jedda Systems**, a highly innovative developer of endpoint DLP solutions; validating the company’s strategic direction within the critical information protection market.

The Clearswift CIP Management Server is designed to enable organizations and individual users to securely collaborate by applying centralized information management policies that cover the endpoint, e.g. laptops, desktops and removable media, such as USBs. As a Content Aware DLP solution it is designed to operate within the granular requirements of the business, offering a single point of management and enforcement across all access points, thus minimizing complexity and operational resources. The CIP Management Server integrates with the Clearswift SECURE Exchange, Web and Email Gateways providing a consistent set of policies to ensure that both malicious and non-malicious data breaches are minimized.

Heath Davies, Chief Executive comments, “The launch of the Clearswift Critical Information Protection Management Server is the realization of what we knew we could create through our acquisition of Jedda Systems**. The endpoint is a key focus area for our Information Governance cyber security strategy. Our team have worked hard to ensure that we have a comprehensive Content Aware DLP suite that enhances our critical information protection solutions, as well as setting it apart from the competition. All-in-all it comes back to delivering on our vision to enable secure collaboration by delivering 100% visibility of critical information, 100% of the time.”

Content Aware DLP is essential for organizations that need to protect their critical information and intellectual property (IP) assets. The Clearswift CIP Management Server in conjunction with the Clearswift SECURE Gateways ensures consistent enforcement of DLP across all communication channels and recognizes that the actions must be enforced with both content and contextual awareness dependent on the DLP scenario, for example:

  • Data-In-Motion (DIM) – a user emails spreadsheet containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data: the SECURE Gateways will stop any unauthorized PII being shared and mitigates breach or compliance risk
  • Data-In-Use (DIU) – an authorized employee copies a spreadsheet containing PII data to a USB drive: the Critical Information Protection Management Server will notify the user and encrypt the data before allowing it to be copied.
  • Data-At-Rest (DAR) – an employee creates a spreadsheet containing PII data on a laptop: the Critical Information Protection Management Server will log the discovery of the file, enabling suitable protection to be applied before it is transferred or communicated.

Clearswift’s Content Aware DLP suite can enforce various actions upon detecting a policy breach, including; adaptive redaction of critical information, workflow management (for supervisory acceptance of the content movement), encryption and notification (to help educate employees on secure information handling and raise awareness of new policies), advancing the move towards greater contextual awareness in DLP solutions*

Fran Howarth Senior Research Manager Bloor Research says, “Always-on, real time communications are a must for today’s digitally savvy workforce and they expect to be able to collaborate with others on whatever device they are using, wherever they happen to be. Organizations need to facilitate such communications and collaborations across all channels whilst ensuring that critical information and IP assets are adequately protected. Clearswift’s extension to its DLP capabilities answers such needs by providing secure information exchange and policy enforcement across all channels in a comprehensive, unified manner so that organizations can be sure that their information is handled securely. With this, they will not only be able to reduce the likelihood of security breaches considerably, but will also have the peace of mind that their regulatory obligations for protecting sensitive information are being met. “

The Clearswift Content Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite and Critical Information Protection (CIP) Management Server will be available from 2nd June 2014

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