Prevent advanced malware & ransomware attacks from striking

Advanced variants of morphing malware and ransomware are bypassing existing AV and sandboxing defenses to extract or hold sensitive data hostage. 

View this on-demand webinar to learn how sophisticated social engineering and payload delivery techniques are used to evade detection, while identifying the most effective ways to prevent an attack.

Key topics presented: 

Evolution of malware attacks and threat lifecycle

Malware evasion techniques used against antivirus scanning and sandbox analysis

Malware Layered Defense

  • Target prevention to minimize information harvesting and social engineering attempts
  • Enhanced hygiene including: advanced phishing / SPAM detection, multi-AV engines, real-time cloud updates, etc
  •  Advanced threat protection for deep inspection and structural sanitization of hidden malicious macros

To prevent targetted attacks and stop malware and ransomware BEFORE they strike, find out more about Advanced Threat Protection from Clearswift.