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Avira Anti-Virus Engine

In the Clearswift Version 4.9 Gateway range of products release (November 2018) and future releases, Clearswift customers will be able to license two different antivirus (AV) engines. Avira will be sold alongside Sophos to provide additional customer choice. This datasheet provides some background on the Avira brand and the products’ strong capability.

The Business

Headquartered in Germany, Avira provides anti-malware and cyber intelligence services to the world’s leading security vendors and service providers. The company comprises over 500 staff located in offices across Europe, USA and Asia. To ensure regulatory compliance is maintained and to prevent the leak of critical information, SWG has the ability to receive feeds from existing databases, as well as standard templates and dictionaries of common terms that may be indicative of a communication containing sensitive data.

Avira provides technology that delivers:

  • Award winning anti-malware protection
  • Zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) protection
  • URL, IP and domain-based threat categorization
  • Real-Time Threat intelligence



Avira’s technology is delivered to consumers and exclusively to technology partners for use in Mail and Web filtering products, Next Generation firewalls and UTM devices.

Established in 1986, today Avira protects over 500 million people worldwide from online threats.


Avira have their products tested by both av-test.org and av-comparitives.org

Their most recent tests were as follows:

AV-Comparatives Real-world detection

Date / Vendor, July 2018

Advantages of Avira

Designed to scale to enterprise deployments, the Avira system provides:

  • Strong market presence in Europe
  • Fully featured solution including Signature, Cloud based lookups, Heuristics and Emulation
  • A Cloud Sandbox option
  • No clash with corporate AV deployments on desktop / laptops (Avira only sells consumer end-point product)

Product Comparison - Avira is top rated


not all AV vendors submit themselves for testing, so some vendors do not appear in the results.