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Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway: Overview

Clearswift’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) gives organizations the ability to enforce consistent internet security through flexible and granular policy management across web traffic, web-based applications, and cloud collaboration platforms.

Prevent accidental data leaks with real-time content and context aware scanning that can detect and modify sensitive information being shared across the web such as social posts or document uploads to websites or cloud based applications. With SWG, monitor web traffic and prevent access to inappropriate or malicious sites as well as remove suspicious scripts or harmful executables from downloaded content.

SWG empowers you to balance the need to protect critical information entering and leaving your organization with the ability to continuously collaborate with customers, suppliers, and partners across the web.

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Key Benefits of Clearswift Secure Web Gateway

With the choice of 3 anti-virus engines utilizing cloud-based lookups and heuristics, stop known and unknown malware infections with bi-directional virus and anti-malware scanning. Real time categorization and advanced URL filtering prevents access to uncategorized, known high-risk URLs, or inappropriate sites.

Active directory integration allows for flexible policy control to be applied by company, department, group, or on an individual level. This enables organizations to tailor their security policies and comply with regulations without interfering with collaboration across web and cloud platforms.

The intuitive web-based interface simplifies administrative tasks while allowing for powerful policy granularity, helping organizations meet strict security requirements without the burden of complicated and time-consuming administration.

Real-time monitoring, inspection, and unique redaction technology makes your web content safe. By removing or blocking only confidential information, the rest of the web traffic can continue without disruption or triggering false positives. 

Predefined regular expressions for PII and PCI data, editable compliance dictionaries, and contextual rules for social media and websites help organizations to mitigate data loss, legal and reputational risks, and maintain regulatory compliance.

High quality reporting and auditing features give actionable insight into the way information is used on your networks, driving inbound threat protection, preventing data leakage and maintaining productive use of company network resources.

Why choose Clearswift Secure Web Gateway?


Policy Control

Block, encrypt or remove
critical data to mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Employee Motivation

Maintain Employee Productivity

Ensure secure collaboration and communication across web and cloud technologies are not disrupted

100% Protection

100% Critical
Data Visibility

Complete visibility and management of critical data entering or leaving your organization

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