Secure ICAP Gateway

Elevate existing web proxy infrastructure security

Clearswift ICAP Gateway

Secure ICAP Gateway: Overview

Clearswift’s Secure ICAP Gateway (SIG) is a fully automated solution that augments the security of critical information flowing through an organization’s existing web proxy infrastructure or managed file transfers (MFT).

With the movement of data both internally and externally through web or MFT solutions comes risks of accidental exposure of critical information or receiving hidden threats within documents or images. The added security features of SIG enable organizations to inspect content for sensitive information, malware, or even high-risk executables that pose a threat to your data.

Going beyond traditional stop and block technology, SIG applies the appropriate measures to questionable content based on your organization’s policies. This allows safe content to flow through and reduce business disruptions.

Clearswift’s award winning data loss prevention and threat protection solutions strengthen your data security, mitigate risk and underpin compliance requirements.

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Key Benefits of Secure ICAP Gateway

Automatically apply the optimal security treatment of your data based on content, context and required regulation policy. Ensure the acceptable level of information is shared and received and that critical information remains safe at all times.

Our deep content inspection engine can fully disassemble the communication flow providing a complete understanding of the critical information being shared. This solution is not limited by file size, zip/encryption, or multiple embedded document layers. It provides high detection rates, which keeps data secure and keeps business operating.

If your infrastructure has a proxy gateway that supports ICAP such as Zscaler, F5, Bluecoat or a managed file transfer solution, the full power of Clearswift’s technology can be integrated very easily to augment the security in their existing infrastructure with no end user changes. There are flexible deployment options, too. You can run the solution in AWS or Azure, virtualized in a VMware Environment, or as a software image loaded on a choice of hardware platforms. This gives you the flexibility to adapt to your organization’s IT strategy.

Clearswift’s unique adaptive redaction technology modifies content in real-time making documents safe from specific content per your organization’s security policies. Forgotten content like meta-data, revision history, properties and other hidden and unchecked information can be blocked or removed to protect your sensitive information from being exposed.

Files received from third parties, like purchase orders, invoices, or legal documents, could include malicious content and pose a threat to your organization’s critical data. With our adaptive technology it can neutralize risks like embedded malware, suspicious scripts and other high-risk content from entering or leaving your organization without disrupting the flow of communication.

Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway integrates seamlessly with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer to create a powerful solution for organizations that require enhanced security around file transfers.

Why choose Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway?

Granular Control

Complete and granular control

Block, encrypt or remove critical data to mitigate risk and ensure compliance 

Flexible Security

Flexible security augmentation

Enhance the security of existing gateways, F5, Bluecoat, or MFT solutions

File Transfers

Reduce the risks of file transfers

Minimize the cybersecurity threat to your organization when users share files.

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