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ARgon for Email

Adaptive security add-on providing data loss prevention features for existing gateways

Clearswift's ARgon for Email is the solution that integrates advanced data loss prevention (DLP) functionality to your existing security infrastructure rapidly and effectively. At its core, ARgon provides efficient protection against a range of information threats from both inbound and outbound email.

The automatic sanitization and redaction features in ARgon for Email remove only the elements that can cause potential data breaches, allowing safe communications to continue unimpeded. This significantly reduces the number of false positives typically associated with stop and block DLP solutions, and lessens the burden on IT. 

ARgon for Email provides organizations with visibility and peace of mind that critical information being shared through email is secure and protected, keeping it compliant with industry regulations.


Key Benefits of ARgon for Email

Rapid, flexible deployment

Delivered as either software, virtual appliance or a physical appliance, ARgon is deployed in minutes – no need for weeks of intrusive services implementation.

A simple 5-step installation wizard allows you to install and configure using default policies in minutes. Industry-leading simplicity of purchase, implementation and administration support delivers minimal total cost of ownership. Your company’s IP is protected, and your organization can comply with legislation quickly.

ARgon for Email Datasheet


ARgon for Email allows organizations to benefit from the advantages brought by Clearswift’s award-winning Adaptive Redaction technology. It secures sensitive data and helps prevent cyber-attacks, yet still allows the organization to communicate effectively with customers and suppliers. It provides maximum protection for inbound and outbound emails, helping to keep the organization compliant with industry regulations.

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