I Love To Code

By Dr. Guy Bunker @guybunker

Tomorrow's cyber warriors

It’s the start of the new school year and with it the new curriculum.

I wrote previously about the changes and how much in favour I am of them as I believe it will help our overall standings in the world. We need scientists, not just computer scientists, but scientists for all disciplines – but starting with computers is a great way to engage. There used to be something quite cool about writing “Hello World” as your first program, 30+ years ago. Today, it is far more exciting, with virtual (and real) robots, animations, and competitions. The new cyber security competitions are not designed for 5 year olds, but who knows, in a few years’ time they might be... for those who read (or watched) Ender’s Game... who knows.

When I started to code, I was at VI Form College, it provided the challenge and ultimately the inspiration behind what I chose for a career. I have done numerous jobs which were based on my coding skills, and while I’m now more likely to be writing documents, presentations and spreadsheets, I still do a bit of coding every now and then – it’s still a challenge and a joy.

Oh to be 5 once more...