Hands off me crown jewels...

By Dr. Guy Bunker @guybunker

RFID proof jeans

I recently blogged about how you could (potentially) have money removed silently from your wallet via RFID enabled bank cards.

Towards the end I mentioned how you could prevent the hack by using an RFID proof wallet, or an RFID proof sleeve for the cards themselves (my preferred option). Well, this week we saw the launch of RFID proof jeans... Yes, RFID proof jeans! With a pair on, your digital cash is safe from thieves, in your pocket...

Will I be rushing out to buy a pair? Well... no... firstly I prefer a bootcut (?!)…but, in essence they are a good idea. However you would need to have all of your pairs of trousers RFID safe, which is not completely practical. Furthermore, it doesn’t help if you have multiple RFID enabled cards and preventing the reader from reading the wrong one (or worse, more than one).

Having said that, it would be a great icebreaker for us geeks, ‘check me out have you seen my RFID slacks’... (and a lot cooler than the RFID card sleeves I currently have!)