Critical information protection: a foundation for a competitive advantage

A proactive approach to critical information protection, can provide organizations not only with a secure environment for sensitive data, mitigating risk of non-compliance, but with a solid foundation to build an organization that is both future-proof, secure and ready to establish the leaders within the digitalization era. 


Commercial Healthcare: Realization of regulatory compliance – where one size can fit most

Understanding regulations and the types of information effected is critical to creating an effective protection strategy. Approaching the regulations from a ‘where one size can fit most’ perspective with best proactive implementation strategies ensure maximum data protection and minimum business impact.

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Retail Banking: How client data privacy underpins transformation priorities

Market forces are impacting the new digital era across the banking sector. Technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, and the consumer appetite for innovation and flexibility are creating an imperative to change. In starting with client data privacy business transformation can be realized.

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Critical information protection & security: questions that the Board should ask

With an increased responsibility on Boards to have control of the critical risks to their business, managing the security of digital content is of paramount importance. Therefore asking the ‘right’ questions can alleviate any concerns amongst investors, customers, indeed all stakeholders on the risks associated with cyber-security and the protection of critical information.

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Video: Effective security - be ready for whatever threat tomorrow brings

Managing risk. The nature of security threats are changing. While hackers and malevolent outsiders still account for a large number of data breaches, insider threats are becoming increasingly prevalent.

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