Insider Insights @ RSA Conference 2014

With RSA Conference 2014 fast approaching, it’s interesting to look at how speakers’ chosen topics relate to what’s going on in the cyber landscape; what is relevant now and what will be relevant in the future.

By Kevin Bailey, Head of Market Strategy.

RSA Conference 2014RSA Conference is a huge hub of cyber security brainpower and full of passionate debates about how we can all get one step ahead. Discussions often focus about the potential for technology, as well as what it can do now. And it’s widely acknowledged by all that the key issues within cyber security today were relative 5 years ago and may be relevant to a lesser or greater extent in another five years’ time.

Central to the debate is the IT security skills gap. With the rapidly changing landscape of business adapting to digital, we are seeing more and more examples of how organizations are getting it wrong- either by the external leaking of business critical data or by finding themselves the victim of their own internal data breach, very often from inadvertent human error. So, it’s in industries’ best interest for cyber education to be commonplace in schools.

Thankfully, this begins to come into force in the UK in September with the launch of the Coding in the Curriculum programme. This will lead to a better educated netzine cyber ‘workforce’ that will come into the workplace with a higher level of cyber-tech skills as standard. But this still leaves the existing workforce, that finds it difficult to change their beliefs and working practices, increasing the need to rely on automated security software and processes to protect themselves against themselves.

Another (and on-going) hot topic at the conference will be the security around mobile devices. With 30% of users accessing the internet via their smart media devices worldwide and many business users preferring to use their own devices over their corporate issued devices, we need to ensure that devices and the apps on them aren’t vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A risk adverse employee, who thinks twice and executes once, will not endanger business efficiency, but mitigate inadvertent exposure of sensitive information and maintain a level of invisibility to those that will try to use this ‘always on’ employee for malicious intent.

As our intro blog to RSA Conference 2014 explained, we’ll be showcasing the Clearswift Information Governance Server at the event, demonstrating its capabilities to ‘Track n Trace’ any information that has been ingested / registered within the server. Combined with our unique Adaptive Redaction technology (AR) we will be showcasing an innovative use case that is an essential everyday operation. Will this innovative use identify to all those following “#whoissandra?”, especially as AR automatically identifies and removes sensitive data as it passes in and out of a company network without the requirement for human intervention to enable secure, continuous collaboration. It’s this kind of game changing technology that RSA Conference celebrates to proactively help organizations enhance their layered security defences with immediacy of return on investment. We look forward to sharing at the conference.