How can I test the Encryption is working?

Over 30% of customers have upgraded their Web and Email Gateways to the latest versions. We’ve had some questions regarding the functionality of the Encryption features that are delivered in the SECURE Email Gateway 3.1 release.

Customers automatically receive 90 days free trial when they upgrade and one question that is frequently asked is “How do I test the system if don’t have any S/MIME or PGP keys in house?” - if that’s the case I’m sure they will all have a private web based email account. So a really simple way to get to grips with the system is to:

1. Create a new Address list for the web email accounts you want to test sending to

2. Create a new policy route to this new Address list

3. Change the property of the route so that Appliance Encryption Endpoints is enabled for “By default apply encryption endpoint delivery action”

4. Create “Encryption Endpoints” for each of the recipients they want to send to.

5. Apply PolicySend a test email to one of the test accounts. If its been setup correctly, the recipient should get a message with an encrypted attachment. Once they’ve got the fundamentals, then they can experiment with the functionality.