We had a great night at the SC Magazine Awards in London winning the ‘Best Content Security’ award. We’re particularly proud, having been up against some stiff competition – a full list of all the finalists is on SC Magazine’s web site. Plus, the awards are Europe-wide, so overall, a great accolade.For any business, an award from your own sector or industry is generally the most rewarding – the fact that your own industry recognises the value in your product is incredibly satisfying. One of our most frequent claims is that the sophistication of our content inspection is second to none, and it’s a huge credit to our engineers to get this type of independent and formal endorsement.

We’ve felt for some time now that the security industry is missing a trick when it comes to its approach; the traditional ‘stop and block’ mentality of yesteryear is outdated in today’s social media and collaborative workplace. With the right content inspection in place, there’s no reason for businesses to think of security in a negative way. Instead it should be seen as a business enabler, something which, once in place, allows that business to take full and free advantage of what web and email technology has to offer. And crucially, do so with confidence. Our 17,000 customers are doing just this, and witnessing the competitive advantage that comes with such an approach.