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Data Loss Prevention

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Adaptive Redaction: essential technology for data loss prevention

Adaptive Redaction is Clearswift’s unique and multi-award winning technology for the proactive approach to critical information protection. The straight-forward, non-disruptive solution protects an organization from sensitive data exposure, and prevents the most sophisticated of inbound targeted attacks from entering an organization.

Mitigate Data Loss Risks with ‘ARgon’

Unique to Clearswift, ARgon for Email enhances an information security system by integrating with an organization’s existing email gateway to prevent data loss through sophisticated cyber-attacks and inadvertent ‘leaks’ from within.

Prevent sophisticated cyber-attacks striking your organization

The Structural Sanitization component of Clearswift’s unique and award-winning Adaptive Redaction technology leverages deep content inspection to completely disassemble all messages and attachments at a much more granular level than standard security software. It detects and automatically strips deeply hidden active content (that triggers malware and ransomware), before it enters an organization.

Complimentary Clearswift Health Check

A Clearswift Health Check will highlight gaps in an information security system where sensitive data is ‘leaking’ across a boundary unauthorised, and where dangerous content is making its way into an organization undetected. It’s a complimentary, non-disruptive exercise that can add great value to an organization.

Remove data loss risks from corporate assets and files

Names, track changes, revision history, printer and system data, PCI, PII and other hidden sensitive metadata is often contained within and attached to the various documents and files employees work on and collaborate with. Integrating a Document Sanitization feature with an existing email or web gateway will ensure all sensitive data attached to corporate assets and files is automatically detected and removed - before they're shared or published - protecting an organization from data leaks and information harvesting risks.

Cloud Security

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Bring Enterprise Security to Office 365

Clearswift can bring Enterprise level security to a Microsoft Office 365 platform to enable stringent control and management of an organization’s critical information where it exists in the Cloud.

Clearswift Hosted

Clearswift offers a straight-forward, secure and cost effective hosted email security solution to protect an organization’s critical information from external and internal threats. Our hosted solution enables an organization to have complete control of the dedicated system, while reducing onsite costs.

Email Security

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Unmatched security and protection for email collaboration

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) with Adaptive Redaction has become renowned as one of the most advanced email security solutions on the market. The award-winning solution prevents critical information data loss, protects intellectual property and ensures compliance with current regulations and standards.

Easy to use Email Encryption

Encryption is a powerful tool for both organizational security and regulatory compliance. The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway offers a range of options to meet all levels of encryption requirements and preferences. It provides automatic, policy-driven, transparent encryption across the whole organization.

Intelligent Email Archiving

Clearswift and Cryoserver offer a quick to implement, easy to use email archiving solution that enables legal compliance, operational efficiency and takes security and management of email to a whole new level.

Web & Application Security

Advanced web security for safe collaboration

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) with Adaptive Redaction technology offers a proactive policy controlled web gateway solution transforming the web from a high-risk environment to a secure resource, tailored exactly to an organization’s needs.

Unparalleled performance and security for web applications

Clearswift and F5 have partnered up to offer a unique solution to the market. The integrated BIG-IP LTM and Secure ICAP Adaptive Redaction technologies will both optimize network infrastructure and take information security for web applications to a whole new level.

Vertical Specific

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Enhancing security to better protect Citizen Data

Share an insightful Clearswift Case Study about Warwick District Council’s journey to enhance its information security system with Clearswift in order to strengthen the protection of the citizen data it holds, and mitigate the risk of data breaches occurring.

Guide to Healthcare Information Regulation and Protection

Bring your clients and prospects up to speed on new regulations expected to significantly impact the healthcare industry for 2016-2017. This Guide will help them design an effective strategy for compliance and a non-disruptive approach toward protecting critical information.

Guide to Retail Banking Client Data Privacy and Protection

Share this informative guide with your retail banking clients and prospects to help them understand how market forces are impacting the new digital era across the banking sector and how they can transform their business through focusing on client data privacy.