Enabling secure collaboration and critical information protection

  • DLP
    Data Loss Prevention

    Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) is the data and people centric solution to critical information protection. Unlike other solutions, A-DLP is non-disruptive and supports continuous collaboration, avoids business interruption and mitigates the risk of financial or reputational damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data wherever it lives – at the endpoint, on premise or in the cloud.

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  • Deployment
    Adaptive Redaction

    Clearswift Adaptive Redaction is the unparalleled solution to a longstanding problem – preventing a company’s critical information from being unknowingly communicated, even if hidden, whilst enabling secure continuous collaboration. This unique, award winning technology is a proactive approach to prevent sensitive data inadvertently being shared outside or within an organization as well as mitigating inbound targeted attacks.

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  • Size
    The Clearswift Aneesya Platform

    The Aneesya Platform is a comprehensive solution addressing many of the data loss prevention requirements faced by organizations today; enabling organizations to identify, manage and protect their critical information, whether it’s stored within an organization’s perimeter or within cloud applications and services.

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  • Industry
    Insider Threat

    There was a time when the most significant threats came from outside the organization’s perimeter. Today, that’s no longer the case. So how do you protect your critical information, without hindering business growth and preventing secure continuous collaboration?
    The Insider Threat has become 'The Enemy Within'.

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  • Size
    Collaboration & Control

    Harmonizing juxtaposed Business and IT imperatives.
    How do you maintain visibility and control across your critical information, all of the time — while also empowering continuous collaboration and information sharing to increase business performance and speed?

    Benefit from zero compromise collaboration