Using Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway to Improve Enterprise Cybersecurity

Aug 24, 2021
Whether you are a subscriber to the Inbox Zero mode of email management or prefer to let your unread emails rack up to hundreds or even thousands, there can be little doubt about the sheer volume of email communication.

Key Takeaways from Biden's Sweeping Executive Order on Cybersecurity

Jun 15, 2021
On Wednesday May 12, the Biden administration took a critical step towards addressing security issues that have come to light after several recent, high profile cyberattacks.
Email Security

Will Social Engineering Lures Become Even More Common in 2021?

May 24, 2021
With the world starting to open back up again, it provides an even greater opportunity for cyber-criminals to use social engineering lures to gain access to corporate systems.

Best Practice Steps for Safe Data Sharing

May 24, 2021
Digital data is everywhere, you only have to look at how much data is transmitted over the internet on a weekly, daily, hourly, or even second-by-second basis to understand just how much data is being shared.

Cristiano Ronaldo or Harry Kane to be top scorer? The Social Engineering Lures to Watch Out for This Summer

May 24, 2021
How can organizations keep their employees safe from social engineering lures during this summer of sport? We look the tactics to watch out for and ways to minimize risk.
Data security

Data Security Best Practices Every CISO Should Know

Apr 29, 2021
The responsibility for an organization’s information and data security is a hefty one, knowing each day that it’s not a matter of whether a cybersecurity attack will happen, but rather when it will happen on your watch.
Remote working

Remote Working One Year On: What the Future Holds for Cybersecurity

Mar 19, 2021
Depending on where you are in the world, it is now approximately one year since the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many employees had to start working from home suddenly.
Office 365 Security

How to Enhance Data Loss Prevention in Office 365

Mar 17, 2021
Office 365 is a powerful collaboration tool, but can organizations be sure it provides the level of DLP capabilities required in today’s ever-morphing threat environment? Discover the benefits of pairing Clearswift with your Office 365 deployment.
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What are Data Security Solutions and How do They Work?

Mar 11, 2021
The widespread use and distribution of information makes securing data a significant challenge. In this blog post, we take a detailed look at how Data Security Solutions help solve this problem.
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Why Supply Chains Are Today’s Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Threat

Feb 16, 2021
Why is supply chain cybersecurity important and what can organizations do to reduce risk? In this blog post, we look at the policies, technologies and training programs needed for a robust supply chain risk management strategy.
Public Sector Cybersecurity

Public Sector Cybersecurity Priorities in 2021

Feb 3, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed working patterns for good. What are the implications for public sector organizations and what can they do to improve their cybersecurity posture?

10 Tips to Protect Your Company’s Data in 2021

Jan 21, 2021
When thinking about data security strategies in 2021, here are 10 tips to keep in mind.

2020 - A Transformational Year in Cybersecurity

Dec 22, 2020
What challenges did 2020 present for cybersecurity and what can we expect in the coming new year?

Clearswift Secure Email and ICAP Gateway now Available on AWS Marketplace

Dec 4, 2020
Now, with Version 5, customers can install a complete Secure Email or ICAP Gateway from the AWS Marketplace.
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How Data Classification Helps Organizations Maintain a Strong Data Security Posture

Dec 1, 2020
To further protect employees and sensitive data, the onus is also on organizations to invest in technologies that help stop the inadvertent and accidental misuse of data. The foundations of a strong data security posture start with data classification tools.
 data exfiltration

How to Prevent Data Exfiltration

Nov 13, 2020
To mitigate the threat of data exfiltration, organizations deploy data loss prevention software tools at key egress points – email, web (cloud), and the endpoint. The security software provides visibility of the data being shared (who is sending what to whom) and allows controls to be put in place that prevent sensitive data from leaving the organization and malware from getting in.
Persistant Threats

How to Protect Your Organization from Advanced Persistent Threats

Sep 3, 2020
The motivations for APT attacks are many and varied. Nation state sponsored, industrial espionage and targeted attacks are primarily designed not to cause disruption, but to steal information.
MFT solution

Why Do I Need a Managed File Transfer Solution?

Aug 21, 2020
Why are MFT solutions fast becoming an essential part of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy and what benefits do they bring?