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Clearswift On-Premise Encryption Portal

Today's businesses run on information and collaboration, but with collaboration and fast communication channels like email, there is a new challenge. How do organizations enable collaboration without compromising the security of their information? Encryption is a widely accepted solution for protecting information within emails. However, when organizations are communicating with non-technical...

Clearswift Hosted Encryption Portal

With an ever growing need for secure business communication and collaboration methods, email still remains the primary means for most organizations to do business. However, the challenge for some organizations is how to communicate securely to their customers. Business Problem Today’s business run on information and collaboration. Collaboration which used to be internal is now just as likely to...

Clearswift Email Encryption

The Clearswift Secure Email Gateway provides a number of options to secure email sent over the Internet through the use of encryption. Securing messages by encryption ensures that messages have: Confidentiality – generally messages can’t be read by the wrong person Integrity – the message is intact and can be shown to have not been modified by anyone from sender to recipient Non-repudiation – the...

Clearswift and Echoworx: Encryption Portal

There are a variety of Email Encryption options available on the market today, but a number of these solutions can be too complicated for people to use and adoption of encryption technology is often hindered for this reason. Clearswift in conjunction with Echoworx provide an intelligent, automated encryption solution to ensure that email messages are delivered securely, and critical information is...