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Reflecting on RSA Conference 2014

The end of February. The RSA Conference 2014. Downtown San Francisco with 25,000+ other security professionals. It’s big... really, really big... 400 exhibitors, 500 speakers and tens of thousands of attendees. But what was hot? (Other than the Clearswift of course…)

Best Practice Steps for Safe Data Sharing

Digital data is everywhere, you only have to look at how much data is transmitted over the internet on a weekly, daily, hourly, or even second-by-second basis to understand just how much data is being shared.

Data Security Best Practices Every CISO Should Know

The responsibility for an organization’s information and data security is a hefty one, knowing each day that it’s not a matter of whether a cybersecurity attack will happen, but rather when it will happen on your watch.

Public Sector Cybersecurity Priorities in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed working patterns for good. What are the implications for public sector organizations and what can they do to improve their cybersecurity posture?

62% of Financial Services Firms in the UK have Suffered a Cyber-attack in the Last 12 Months

Financial Services (FS) is a sector facing unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. 62% of FS firms in the UK have suffered a cyber security attack in the last 12 months, while 40% have noticed more cybersecurity incidents since the increase in home working. Our recent survey of 250 FS CISOs and CIOs reveals a difficult situation for FS firms. They need to keep the business secure in the face of...