The Power of Integrating Data Classification with DLP


The unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data through any media or network can have disastrous results for an organization’s brand, reputation and standing with regulatory bodies. That’s why protecting sensitive data from accidental sharing or malicious actors is a priority for organizations today.

There are data security solutions that can, and should, work alongside each other to minimize these data loss risks and ensure sensitive data is only made available to authorized recipients.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions remove data security risks from email, web and at endpoints. Using metadata labelling, Data Classification improves the accuracy of the DLP solution as it understands the data and ensures the appropriate security policy is applied. This level of precision significantly reduces the number of false positives generated. Your sensitive data is kept secure and compliant.

Fortra offers the opportunity to combine data classification (Titus) and DLP (Clearswift) to ensure your sensitive data is well protected throughout its lifecycle.

Keep your data secure and compliant

See how integrating data classification with Data Loss Prevention can protect your organization's sensitive data.