Managing Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risk


Every organization is exposed to cybersecurity risk through its supply chain. This could be suppliers of parts, service providers, customers, or distributors. As an organization you put a degree of trust in these suppliers to act in your best interest. But what if they are not? Or what if your supplier has been breached and the attacker is now going to leverage your trust in the supplier to make a cyber-attack on you easier?

Everyone should consider the cybersecurity risk as part of their supply chain risk management strategy. In this webinar, we’ll take at a look at the risks you should consider and how Fortra can help mitigate some of these vectors with control mechanisms. Ones that allow legitimate business communication to continue, while remaining vigilant to the unwanted, unusual, or malicious.

Safeguarding your organization without harming productivity

Is your organization protected from cybersecurity risk through supply chain? Find out how Clearswift can mitigate the risks for your organization.