Top Secure Email Gateway Solutions for 2021

What is a Secure Email Gateway and what key features do you need? Find out in this eSecurityPlanet article which also identifies Clearswift’s Secure Email Gateway as one of the top solutions for 2021. 

Originally posted in eSecurityPlanet


eSecurity Planet editors reviewed a number of secure email gateway tools for a variety of use cases in arriving at this list. Here are our picks for the secure email gateways that stood out from the pack.


The Secure Email Gateway from Clearswift by HelpSystems has a set of hygiene features to protect against cyberattacks. It integrates data loss prevention functionality to minimize the risk of data breaches. The Clearswift solution incorporates inbound threat protection (Avira or Sophos antivirus), an optional sandbox feature, data loss prevention technology to remove threats from messages and files, a multi-layer spam defence mechanism (including SPF, DKIM, DMARC), multiple encryption options, and advanced content filtering features.

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