HelpSystems Expands Anti-phishing and DLP with Latest Acquisitions

Originally published in Enterprise Times

In this article, Mike Devine and John Grancarich talk about the acquisition of PhishLabs and Digital Guardian. 


Another challenge with a wide product portfolio is how do you present it to customers. Is it a set of individual solutions? Are they complementary to each other? Are they integrated closely into a platform?

Grancarich sees the platform as the ultimate goal. He commented. “What you’re going to see from us over time is we will take these individual products and begin to unify them into a common platform experience. So Digital Guardian, Endpoint DLP, is fantastic at what it does, and that’s going to plug a major gap for us. But then, when you come to this platform experience, it’s another avenue of growth for us. It’s also a value delivery that we can bring to the customer.”

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