Coronavirus pandemic offers the public sector a chance to ‘reset’ its cybersecurity

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Alyn Hockey, VP of Product Management at Clearswift, explores how the coronavirus pandemic means public sector organisations can press a ‘reset’ button on their cybersecurity practices, and allow them to be more secure in the future

The pressure that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on the UK public sector – and indeed its equivalents all over the world – has been virtually unprecedented. Hundreds of thousands of employees were suddenly asked to work from home, front-line healthcare workers are selflessly looking after the ill (despite a lack of the personal protective equipment that helps ensure their own safety) and other workers are continuing to deliver public services all across the UK.

When the lockdown eases and the pandemic is eventually over, there is a strong argument for changing how the public sector is regarded and how it is resourced. There is also the opportunity for the public sector itself to look at how it approached certain things pre-pandemic and how it might approach them more effectively in the future.

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