Clearswift Opens New Portals, Enhances Security and Productivity

Encryption and Message Manager Portals are added to Clearswift’s award-winning security products

Posted on September 1, 2011

London, UK, 01 September 2011 – Clearswift, the software security company, has announced new releases of its award-winning web and email security software, Clearswift Secure Web Gateway 2.4 and Clearswift Secure Email Gateway 3.3.1.

The addition of Portal Based Encryption (PBE) to Secure Email Gateway complements the already extensive encryption choices available in the software. With TLS as standard, S/MIME, PGP, ad hoc passwords and now PBE, businesses can fully automate the secure distribution of sensitive emails and data. Policies can be defined by message route and/or content to ensure full compliance and data integrity across communications. Personal Message Manager (PMM) allows users to view and respond to quarantined messages in one secure place, enhancing productivity through routing and simplifying the encryption process. Users can take action –including release, delete, whitelist – immediately, without having to wait for clearance from their IT department. This feature not only speeds up the flow of important business data but also reduces administration loads.

Additional new features in the upgrades include ‘Safe Search’, which filters out inappropriate search engine results, and ‘Missing Manager’, a tool that automatically copies nominated people to specified emails. Full details are listed below.

Clearswift Chief Technology Officer Alf Pilgrim says that it’s important that companies don’t overburden employees with excessively intrusive IT security. “Our new features are designed around our key belief that, with intelligent content inspection and clearly communicated policies, good IT security should allow people to get on with their work, while ensuring that company IP and customer data is protected,” he said.

New/Improved Feature Summary

SECURE Email Gateway 3.3.1

  • Portal Based Encryption – added to the auto encrypt options that already include: S/MIME, PGP, TLS and ad hoc password. Different types of encryption are automatically selected for recipients based on their own infrastructure and content rules.
  • Personal Portal Manager –allows employees to review quarantined emails and take action – release, delete, white-list etc. without having to wait for the IT department.
  • Image analysis ­– adding to Clearswift’s already sophisticated content inspection, this analyses images within emails and attachments to determine whether or not they are appropriate to send or receive and, if not, quarantining them for further investigation. This could be in response to explicit or offensive images, but also covers new product development images or other sensitive intellectual property.
  • ‘Missing Manager’ – automatically copies nominated people to specified emails – for example, copying a manager on specific mails from a new recruit or trainee.

SECURE Web Gateway 2.4 – key new features include:

  • ‘Safe Search’ – prevents an innocent web search (text or images)returning explicit or prohibited results. For example, filtering nude images from an image search on the phrase ‘glamour’.
  • Improved reporting – Summary reports can be produced for management staff to provide top-level information on the time / bandwidth being spent on specific websites.

Clearswift has seen strong performance throughout the economic downturn, with sales of its web and email security software up 50% year on year in 2010. Clearswift Web Appliance 2.4 and Clearswift Email Appliance 3.3.1 are available now to all new customers. All supported customers will automatically receive the update. 

About Clearswift

Clearswift’s content-aware, policy based solutions enables defense, government, healthcare and financial services organizations across the globe to manage and maintain no-compromise data, email, cloud and web security.

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