Clearswift Announces Technology Partnership with London Digital Security Centre

Theale (UK) 8 June, 2017. Clearswift has announced its partnership with the London Digital Security Centre, an initiative to make London the safest place for businesses to innovate online. Founded by the Mayor of London as a joint venture with the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police, the Centre is tasked with helping businesses protect themselves from digital crime. This includes the identification, acquisition and implementation of the best services to prevent online threats.

Dr Guy Bunker, SVP Product and Marketing at Clearswift commented, “Clearswift is delighted to become a partner of the London Digital Security Centre. We are passionate about securing online business collaboration channels, protecting the intellectual property and sensitive data that businesses store, process and share. These procedures are more critical than ever with GDPR coming into force next year. We work already closely with police and government organisations and fully support the Mayor of London in this initiative to protect both small and large businesses from digital crime.”

Clearswift’s adaptive cyber security and data loss prevention technologies protect businesses from both cyber-attacks and sensitive data loss, enabling safe and secure online collaboration.

“With the huge increase in ransomware and phishing attacks distributed via email and web URLs, Clearswift’s adaptive technology can stop these attack vectors from penetrating networks without disrupting business operations. This provides businesses with the assurance that email and web communications are safe on the way in, and that critical information is protected on the way out of their networks,” Dr Bunker shared.

Clearswift will be involved with all scheduled digital activity and events with the London Digital Security Centre over the coming year.


About Clearswift

Clearswift is trusted by organisations globally to protect critical information, giving them the freedom to securely collaborate and drive business growth. Its unique technology supports a straightforward and ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention solution, avoiding the risk of business interruption and enabling organisations to have 100% visibility of their critical information 100% of the time. As a global organisation, Clearswift is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with offices in the United States, Germany, Australia and Japan and an extensive partner network across the globe.

About the London Digital Security Centre

The London Digital Security Centre is a not for profit organisation founded by the Mayor of London as a joint venture with the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London Police. The Centre works alongside the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre (Action Fraud) to help prevent businesses being the victims of cybercrime.

The London Digital Security Centre provides free impartial advice and support to businesses to help improve their digital security and enable them to work in a secure online environment.