Wounded By The Cutting Edge: Why Firms Must Be Cautious Of Integrating Emerging Tech Solutions

Originally published on businesstelegraph.co.uk.


For the last few years, digital transformation within the tech sector has seemed akin to the opening of Pandora’s box: seemingly overnight firms have begun to be bombarded with AI driven solutions, the possibilities of commercial drones, edge computing, cloud storage, and of course the ubiquitous IoT software that can be found everywhere from a living room to a street lamp. Many forward-thinking firms are using new technologies to leverage greater efficiency, service and profitability. But are these firms exposing themselves to new threats in their desire to remain on the cutting edge?

A fact of life is that with new developments, come new avenues of attack. Whether it be the lacklustre security features on the office ‘smart-fridge’, or the wide-ranging access of workplace apps like Skype or Slack, each new innovation carries with it the risk of exploitation. So how do businesses go about mitigating these threats?

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