Clearswift PMM Client for iOS

Email remains the primary means for most organizations to do business. However, today the information needs to be better controlled than ever before. Depending on the organizational policy, messages are invariably going to be held for manual review to ensure that the content is acceptable. The PMM portal is a great tool for managing mail in the office, but when on the move it’s imperative to have something quick and easy to use.

Business Problem

In our “always on” culture there are likely to be moments when communications are being held for legitimate reasons such as sensitive content or size. However in some cases, these messages could have been misclassified and should be delivered, especially if they are important business communications.

Traditional approaches would see solutions that require the recipient to request their local IT team to release the message, which may be acceptable between 9-5 on a weekday, but with many people working longer hours and weekends that option may not be appropriate for timely delivery of the email.

Fortra's Clearswift Secure Email Gateway

The Clearswift on-premise Secure Email Gateway (SEG) scans mail coming in and leaving the organization so it is used for blocking spam, as well as protecting against critical data leaving the business. In order to manage these violations effectively, the SEG provides a number of methods to allow recipients of messages to self-manage policy violations.

Message release links within email messages sent from the system to the internal recipient (or internal sender, sender’s manager, or another appropriate person) permit the message to be released or deleted.

The PMM portal allows users to view held messages from a traditional Windows, Mac, or Android client over a browser interface when in the office or outside when in transit.

The PMM Client for iOS allows end users to be truly mobile, allowing them the ability to manage messages wherever they are through a simple to use app.

Security for the Organization

Allowing end users to release messages implies a degree of trust. Auditing of events allows administrators or privileged users to be able to verify that users are not releasing content they shouldn’t. The auditing features can also prevent collusion by copying released messages to an auditor account for subsequent verification.

Safety for the User

When viewing the content of message through the PMM for iOS client, the user is protected from viewing images, in case they are of a graphic nature, as well as preventing them from opening attachments or clicking on links in case there is malware or a phishing exploit.

Phone displays email that has blocked content that may be insecure

Solution Benefits

  • Works with the latest release of iOS 11
  • Improved handling when used on slower speed networks (GSM, 4G, LTM)
  • Permits a more dynamic mobile workforce
  • Fully audited operations
  • 64bit application
  • Whitelist good senders

Product Summary

Supported Versions

This client is supported on the following versions of iOS:

  • 9
  • 10
  • 11

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad mini


Clearswift provides 24/7 global support as standard, with additional options for premium support.